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  1. We were supposed to hear whether our mortgage had been approved and have just been informed that our application has been selected for a random audit check. What is this? What are they looking for?
  2. Thank you for your replies. The flat we offered on is being marketed by 3 high-end EAs in Central London and so I can see why the EA is being pushy in his approach. He was trying to get us to put 5k down for the vendor to take the property off the market. We refused unless vendor did the same, which he did not. My husband met with the vendor and he was pretty relaxed about the process and understood that some delays eg mortgage offer were out of our hands. So, EA was pushing more than the vendor. We were given a 4 week exclusivity period in which to get things moving. In a way, I now see the benefit of EA chasing up on things as it has pushed us to move things forward.
  3. Saw a flat in London that went under offer at 725k. A very similar flat in the next block came on the market at 795k around the same time. Nobody was dumb enough to buy at that price and so it was reduced to 765k. It went under offer at 745k - highest price for a flat in that block. The most recent historic figures are around 690k. Does the mortgage valuation take this into account?
  4. Update - offer accepted, mortgage approved, deposit in place. Please don't get wound up by my salary and deposit - it wasn't handed to me on a plate.
  5. Offer accepted on flat. 3 weeks exclusivity period given to us to sort out mortgage, survey etc. EA keeps calling our broker and solicitor (without our consent) for updates, which is really annoying. Is this normal behaviour?
  6. Eh? Well done- pretty accurate calculation though. Clearly, you have nothing better to do. Go back to stacking shelves at Tesco mate. Thanks for the insight Scarlet. Yes, nervous because I have waited so long to get to this point and now that I am finally here, it is scary. In the first 3 months, it seemed that good properties were shifting very fast but recently, not much seems to be shifting.
  7. Why would one be a mug? W9 is a nice part of the city. Been saving for 30% deposit for 4 years. Just feeling nervous.
  8. Hi I am a newbie and would appreciate any thoughts. I have been looking for a flat in Maida Vale for 6 months. Found one that I liked but it went under offer when I was hospital having my baby. Another similar one came on the market and vendor accepted 25k more than the first one I liked. It is in a mansion block and so service charge and ongoing maintenance is an issue but one seems to get far more space for money than in any other central London location. It seems that prices are rising. Just wondered if anyone had thoughts on the market in W9. Many thanks
  9. Following on from this thread, I am in the process of composing a letter to a block of flats. A flat recently came on the market but went under offer before my partner could go for a viewing. I really liked the block and looking at the history of sold prices, they don't come up for sale very often. I have been looking for a place for 5 months but flats within my budget are flying off the market v quickly. So, I am resorting to sending letters to blocks of flats I like. I am struggling with a good opening and closing line. Here is what I have written so far - would be grateful for any tips : Dear Homeowner I am looking to move to xxxxx and like the properties in this particular part of the area. Should you be thinking of selling your property in the near future, I would be willing to consider engaging in a private sale. The benefit of this to you is the considerable saving in estate agency fees. The current market value of modernised flats in xxxxx is in the region of xxxxx. Based on 1.5% commission typically charged by agents and 20% VAT, you could save around £xxxxx.
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