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  1. Moan Moan Moan..... So you couldn't think of anything to write apart from moaning about white jeans annoying you. Go away and get a life!
  2. Loved it! A real property program where people create a 'home' not a 'profit'
  3. I can't see where you have drawn your conclusion from. I think a job at the Daily Express awaits you!
  4. Perhaps a better option might be to have a guarantor for the rent. I would be very careful handing over the whole term at once.
  5. John Prescott on twitter this morning- JohnPrescott: In 2008 we had a PM working 24/7 in No10 to stave off a global meltdown. #wheresthegovernment My reply- @johnprescott re pm working 24/7.....glad he was as he had a big role in creating it!!! We haven't forgotten how you all destroyed the uk! I would have loved to say more but I like my daily tweet rant at him too much and I don't want him to block me.
  6. Actually, thunderbirds were heroes, I'll go with muppet
  7. Don't think he leaves 'Tracy Island' much these days!
  8. Sorry.... Just clicked the link and you are in Addlestone, thought you were actually in Runnymede.
  9. A good sign however not really surprised in your area. I doubt they could ever satisfy demand to be near stations around your area. It must be about 45 mins into Waterloo? If I am correct last time I was in Datchet they had even converted the train station at into apartments that have windows fronting on to the platform.
  10. +1 I think the markets like the plan and we are now paying less on 10 yr Gilts than at any time in living memory. I think if we still had a socialist style government we would be paying double on our debts as a country.
  11. Great post, cant see it happening either.
  12. It seems as though we are a 'state within a state'. The same rules don't apply here
  13. All that should matter is whether it is the right house, right time for you and you have the money to cover all eventualities. If you do buy now and houseprices fall then at least you'll be in a place you've obviously fallen for. Who cares what anyone thinks, there will always be someone telling you tomorrow is the end of the world as we know it.
  14. Imagine what they would offer you if you weren't on junior contractor wages!
  15. How much were you putting down as a deposit?
  16. I have bought many new builds over the years. Every single one has had an endless list of snags to be fixed by the builder. On the last development I purchased on there were problems with subsidence on some of the houses. I would say in 2004/5 they were just throwing them up. I would say that over all it is definitely worth getting a structural survey if only for your own peace of mind. I would trust the volume builders (if your potential purchase is built by one) in this country about as much as I would trust an estate agent. There are plenty of horror stories out there, don't let yours be one of them for the sake of a few hundred ££s
  17. All CC accounts make money for the companies. To say that the wealthiest are "subsidised" by this system is something I will never buy into.
  18. Sounds fair to me, I don't work hard to pay mine off every month only to be slapped around the face with the same T and C,s as a non payer/late payer.
  19. I thought that CC companies make money every time you use the card through transaction fees applied at point of sale so even if you pay the cc off every month they still make money. I am pretty sure that the figure for people paying their cc off monthly is around 50% so this would point to the cc company making £ from such transaction fees, as technically these people pay no interest.
  20. Paying off a debt is always the best option obviously. Then with all your extra money each month you could re-invest and hopefully make even more £ in the future. At least the price of gold is high now, so a good time to sell..... but I completely understand you think it may go higher.... but who knows.... at least you would be debt free.
  21. If you have gold to sell,then why not do it and pay off your debt now. Surely it will be better than paying interest on your cc
  22. I think that credit scoring will always be useful and used, as long as the underwriter using the system is any good and as long as the information on their systems is accurate. I don't think we will reach the point where Experian will be useless for quite a while. There will usually always be a lender for every type of circumstance/applicant and Experian etc seem to be very good at matching the two up. I have to say that despite what anyone says, in this country most people are credit worthy in one way or another but find it very hard to accept the rates they are offered sometimes even if it reflects the true risk a lender is taking. I dont think we can compare what happens in the American credit markets to here from the point of view that they can walk away from their debts in a way which we cannot in this country.(Correct me if I am wrong on this point) I am sure credit scoring is the same as it always was.... just with higher rates of interest to punish late payers who may have slipped through the net before and achieved better rates.
  23. I've just pulled out an old mortgage statement from years ago. My rate at that point was 6.29% and it says amount repaid for every £ borrowed over 25years was £2.84... that was interest only.... so it could be even higher for some if thats correct (after all it was with Lloyds so the figures might be a bit ...... well how can I put this...... fudged)
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