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  1. Moan Moan Moan..... So you couldn't think of anything to write apart from moaning about white jeans annoying you. Go away and get a life!
  2. Loved it! A real property program where people create a 'home' not a 'profit'
  3. I can't see where you have drawn your conclusion from. I think a job at the Daily Express awaits you!
  4. Perhaps a better option might be to have a guarantor for the rent. I would be very careful handing over the whole term at once.
  5. John Prescott on twitter this morning- JohnPrescott: In 2008 we had a PM working 24/7 in No10 to stave off a global meltdown. #wheresthegovernment My reply- @johnprescott re pm working 24/7.....glad he was as he had a big role in creating it!!! We haven't forgotten how you all destroyed the uk! I would have loved to say more but I like my daily tweet rant at him too much and I don't want him to block me.
  6. Actually, thunderbirds were heroes, I'll go with muppet
  7. Don't think he leaves 'Tracy Island' much these days!
  8. Sorry.... Just clicked the link and you are in Addlestone, thought you were actually in Runnymede.
  9. A good sign however not really surprised in your area. I doubt they could ever satisfy demand to be near stations around your area. It must be about 45 mins into Waterloo? If I am correct last time I was in Datchet they had even converted the train station at into apartments that have windows fronting on to the platform.
  10. +1 I think the markets like the plan and we are now paying less on 10 yr Gilts than at any time in living memory. I think if we still had a socialist style government we would be paying double on our debts as a country.
  11. Great post, cant see it happening either.
  12. It seems as though we are a 'state within a state'. The same rules don't apply here
  13. All that should matter is whether it is the right house, right time for you and you have the money to cover all eventualities. If you do buy now and houseprices fall then at least you'll be in a place you've obviously fallen for. Who cares what anyone thinks, there will always be someone telling you tomorrow is the end of the world as we know it.
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