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  1. Do you think the price rises in London will ripple out to the sluggish areas or vice versa? I fear the former.
  2. Well, those that are earning good money here might be the buyers of the Audis etc, but there seems to be a lot of flashy cars about. And I see more young women driving flash sports cars including Porsches here than I did in Essex. On my (big) private estate, if I were to bring my car here from the UK, the other residents would probably look down on me as a poor rural type! Seriously.
  3. They keep cutting interest rates at the central bank, so savings now attract 2 to 2.5% at the FSCS backed banks. However, prepare to gasp: a Pole's city salary is typically GBP8K a year (bank or office job). A 2-bed 75m2 flat in a big city is around 450,000zł/PLN asking price. That's about GBP80K. Flats are going up (being built I mean) everywhere you look. Mortgages are supposed to be harder to come by. Prices have softened, some would say crashed, since about 2006 or 2008. If these are the crash prices, I shudder to think what the boom prices were. btw food is almost as expensive in Polska as in the UK, except spuds, beetroot, and bread which are usually much cheaper but bread is also creeping up now. Cars, petrol, energy, and internet are a bit cheaper than the UK. Roads seem full of the latest models, new Audis, Skodas, Peugeots, VWs, BMWs everywhere you look although of course the poorer people may be found in rural locations and their old vehicles when they come into the cities to sell their wares are sometimes obvious.
  4. So's mine, because I'm hoping other areas will see falls. If they don't, I'll buy abroad. And then I can leave rentland & get on with my life Apologies if you've read this in one of my posts before, but I also lived in London during the crash in the nineties. Price falls were pretty big, and buyers were lopping 30% off in my street. However, IRs were high, much higher than now. How much longer will they be able to print 'n' ZIRP and thus tempt mortgagors? To fekkin' infinity?
  5. Unfortunately, they're probably not bluffing and the sold on them means sold. Can only live in hope the selling prices were lower, but those selling prices may still be x% higher than 2 years ago. I don't have the heart to check Land Reg but if anyone wants to check Woodgrange Drive SS1 or Maplin Way SS1, be my guest.
  6. The asking prices here http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/find.html?locationIdentifier=OUTCODE%5E2457&insId=1&sortType=1&minBedrooms=3&displayPropertyType=houses&oldDisplayPropertyType=houses&retirement=false&secondaryDisplayPropertyType=detachedshouses&includeSSTC=true&_includeSSTC=on&index=10 are definitely up 10 or 15%, most are sold although the selling prices may be seriously south for all I know. Though I suspect here I'm grasping at straws. I definitely remember 3 or 4 detacheds were typically 250K in those areas, a chalet bungalow or two were 220K. 2 years on, the asking prices are at least 10 or 15% up. It's not going to bother me personally as I'm never going to live there again, but as a bellwether it's nasty to observe and makes me fearful of a ripple effect.
  7. I wish I could say the same, not that I'd want to live there again long term but my old neck of the woods has soared 15% according to Halifixfax (or so they say) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20850856
  8. You have said that before and I admire your conviction. But don't you think they're trying to inflate, so that price falls won't be nominal? For the likes of me, that's disastrous.
  9. This reads dangerously like an Acceptance We Were All Wrong thread. I fear a statue of Sibley will be unveiled in each town centre at this rate. And on behalf of one of my favourite posters on here, may I aim this at myself:
  10. For the benefit of those misguided souls who use HPC to learn English as a second language, for the thread title to have had the meaning as per your witty observation, it would need to say: ''1 in 5 Bears Regret About Buying A House.'' Surely you've heard of dog-houses?
  11. Fair enough. I'm yet to see any house merely 5K over fair value in my areas, but I'll live in hope. No other choice really. I hope it hurries up because I won't be able to get on with my life until I buy
  12. Could I be right in saying that intentionally or unintentionally the survey subliminally suggests a typical property is merely 5K over-priced? In which case, could we construe from what they write that the article would work in favour of VIs & EAs? Or am I just getting increasingly cynical and twisted Of course, the 5K they refer to could be a gazump, instead of addressing a possible serious over-pricing in nominal terms.
  13. I should think that figure rises rapidly when the house was a new build thrown up by some 'builders' I won't name.
  14. I am not sure if it was that site, but I recall someone posting a link to a site that was doing just as you describe, about a year ago. It was framed like a news report studio interview but was really just an Infomercial.
  15. Is that not a commercial site selling books, info, newsletters, or some such? Just askin'.
  16. The way things are going with the FLS and the other recklessness, 0% doesn't look impossible sooner or later. And no, I'm not suggesting anyone sinks their money into an illiquid asset or dives into stocks which probably halve sooner or later after a profits warning. I'm just saying, the Tories, who perhaps you and I both voted for, are behaving even more irresponsibly than Labour did. And that's no mean feat OK, I'll save you the trouble:
  17. The Comments make for some interesting reading, although I dare say the millionaires are too busy spending their equity...
  18. Thx, I will try to catch it online or on the World News channel if they include it in their Newsnight compilation later in the week.
  19. Do you recall who they were? Weale? Sentence? Or any another random [wo]man in the street with a scrap of common sense?
  20. 2 posters tell the original poster that prices are not rising or still falling, then the original poster replies: Is that a typo or the poster's Freudian slip?
  21. Some areas 1%, one of them 9%, if I am reading this correctly. Good point you make, obviously they're copying Mervo and Gidiot More here http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324789504578380473664467496.html (but news story is not bang up to date)
  22. Interesting! I can vouch for the fact the vast majority of garages I have been offered when I want to rent them are always too narrow for my ordinary Nissan. Doors just won't open. Very occasionally I was offered what I'd call a proper sized garage, but most are narrow and shallow Needless to say, in some foreign countries where I've had a look at garages, they are fit for purpose.
  23. I don't speak their language so they can't tell me to jump.
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