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  1. I know what you're saying makes sense. I shall re-read your posts every time my morale sinks a bit lower, but today it's a bit flat on its back I don't think I can bring myself to check the areas I have earmarked, but thanks for the link
  2. There is no doubt that had I have been wise enough to listen to some on here some years ago and swap my GBP for something else, I'd have the real terms crash to comfort myself with. Otherwise, the places where there's been a nominal fall are much harder to come by. Having said that, there were nominal drops which many here timed correctly, saving themselves quite a wedge compared to the peak and to now in some areas. If we were to see the nominal graph, it would not look too pleasing for those of us who got our timing wrong, I suspect. Anyone got one for the South East (actual selling prices not delusion/asking prices) ? I'd love a pleasant surprise but fear I won't get one
  3. I had hoped for sanity to return to the controls of the nation's finances, but very much seems the lunatics have got the keys and have climbed a tall tree with them, and laughing like maniacs But 'real' is the word, as in real terms, for is that graph not nominal prices but inflation adjusted or something along those lines? In nominal terms, where are we? In much of the country, not down at all, I suspect?...
  4. Of course, I could take this and similar warnings at face value and assume they're trying to wake up a dopey chancellor. Or we could see it as being a deliberate or incidental thing that turns into GO's get out of jail free card so that he calls off the scheme, merely to heed the industry experts' warnings. Or it could be that these 'warnings of more HPI' push people to buy sooner or now rather than later as they fear further HPI, whether designed to do that or not I wouldn't know. Feel free to shoot me down, as am simply speculating because experience suggests some cynicism is often called for in this life
  5. In the light of this, will I miss the boat, have to remain a tenant, and not be able to get on with my life? Are properties being snapped up South of Watford? Possibly even in Oxhey? Should I panic now and sink whatever cash I have into a property that a concerned-for-my-welfare estate agent may allow me to buy? What if estate agents don't take to me, and don't want to grant me a hole in some bricks of my own in return for 30 years of my labour? What then???
  6. I agree with much of what he says, although I don't know who he is, only his name is familiar.
  7. Hopefully they mean just applicants who are screened and then allowed to apply and pay the fee. If you're right, then big trouble ahead yet again looks on the cards
  8. Obviously uploaded the wrong file named 'smalldeposit.gif'
  9. Speaking of which, here's the UK & apparently Polish govts doing their best to warn Poles about the UK in this TV ad (or reklama to all you homesick Poles out there) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2341776/Jobless-homeless-set-alight-yobs-The-stark-government-warning-Poles-happen-Britain-unprepared.html I don't know what it'd be like here in Polska if Polonia returned. It's already jam-packed everywhere you go here, you're always surrounded by people on every road crossing, every tram, every bus. I shudder to think how over-populated the cities would be if absent Poles came back to Poland, it's crazy mad busy as it is. You're never alone here, people are everywhere, even loads of peole jogging or mountain biking in the huge parks and there are countless parks in most cities. If a million came back to Poland, I don't know where they'd put them all quite frankly!
  10. I was hoping you'd say I didn't have a fair point and that I'm bonkers. (You can say it in the next post if you want, it'd be reassuring!)
  11. I'd love you to be right, but are we sure? Isn't that quite possibly what Canada Dry has been drafted in for ... to make 'difficult' decisions and mangle a load more taxpayers and savers?
  12. http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/10476100.New_born_and_bred_rule_for_council_homes/?ref=mc I agree that there's no alternative but to get tough.
  13. I like your thinking Unfortunately I fear they are apt to screw savers/taxpayers more and more to get their crazy scheme to fly (if it ever will)
  14. Neg press like this might well encourage Osborne's lot to cosh a few million more savers and taxpayers over the head in yet more ways I fear
  15. http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/10486159.Council_mortgage_scheme_back_on_track/ No comment.
  16. I fear I will miss the boat and not be able to get on with my life, plus of course renting is dead money.
  17. I don't follow on why you underlined language. I think the reason some non Brits write English or Polish etc in non caps is because in their language it isn't capitalised.
  18. Is that better than Ultra HD? I ask because I saw Ultra HD in a shop here in Poland, on demo. Didn't look much better than my own HD TV to me, and the price for a 84in was approx 17K.
  19. Following on from an HPC poster's thread here recently about what if the UK had joined the euro, this piece in the Daily Mail examines a very similar scenario... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2338589/Ed-Balls-No-10-House-prices-halved-The-worst-riots-century-DOMINIC-SANDBROOK-images--What-HAD-joined-euro.html Ironic innit.
  20. And believe it or not, the price of that French house in Poland if near or in a city would be about half a million quid if not more. And Poles' wages are 1/3 of Brits', and (in Polska) food costs about the same on the whole, energy a bit less. Income taxes in Poland are paid after you earn GBP600, too!
  21. Looks like many of us have missed the boat. Darn it, renting is dead money, and now I can't buy and then get on with my life.
  22. I don't know, and this article suggests rates will remain at 0.5% for years yet - although the Comments should give the fools in govt a wake up call http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-1607881/When-UK-rates-rise.html
  23. It's about time they brought out Legal Evictions For Dummies, and for the younger probably first time landlords, the My Little Bailiff action figure and accompanying pop-up book with colouring in section. As BL said, in England a tenancy can only legally be ended by a court. That usually takes several weeks after the notice period has ended if the tenant has not vacated. IIRC it takes 4 to 6 weeks from application.
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