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  1. Whether your own idiom or someone else's, perfectly says it all methinks
  2. Are they building up to something regarding policy? Will I like it? I fear not.
  3. "Bond co fund in record outflow for June" http://www.cnbc.com/id/100860624
  4. I'm guessing he's about 19 and 3/4 after writing an article like that.
  5. http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/raising-interest-rates-would-be-catastrophic-105407890.html The man is a genius. Plenty of Yahooers appreciating his gobsmacking intelligence and foresight, eg: Mike • 1 day 10 hours ago Report Abuse Rubbish! It is low interest rates and easy money that have artificially pushed up house prices forcing a whole generation to be trapped as renters. The landlords use easy money to buy up houses and working people can struggle for 10-40 years to save enough for a deposit. Low interest rates only benefit the feckless, the rich (they don’t save in poor return saving accounts) and the ‘pay tomorrow’ brigade (including government).
  6. Having said that, just got an automated selling price email and note that a flat in the same road sold for not much more than the 2003 price of a flat at the other end of the street. They're different build years but it's a positive surprise to see that, unless the one that sold a few months ago is in a right old mess.
  7. Well done, because you've not capitulated if you paid the '02 price, not in my opinion anyway. Many on here (me included) thought '02-'05 prices were bubbled up, but speaking for myself (and probably some others too) I'd grab the chance of buying at those prices again in nominal terms. I blame my own misjudgement for not realising how dependent the UK economy is on high house prices and how determined 'they' would be to fight a return to anything like sense. I don't know if sense will ever return, but unless IRs climb it's hard to see how. Forgive my cathartic ramble, btw.
  8. From another thread today: With thanks to FT. Yield up on gilts... I'm trying not to read too much into it but... Will Carney QE all over it?
  9. Interesting, thanks for updating the forum
  10. Sorry, Bubble Pricker, not Bubblepricker.
  11. I believe Bubblepricker started it in 2002 or 2003.
  12. Is that why they gave "independence" to the BofE, so that the next time interest rates rise they don't have to take the blame? Although they take the kudos when IRs fall. Shocking to think they have mismanaged things to such a degree now that a rise to 1% (yes one per cent) would allegedly have such serious consequences. They can be real proud of themselves
  13. Strike! No, seriously: http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/how-to-beat-rising-prices-164042342.html?vp=1
  14. I hadn't read this story before, thanks. Fat chance of that I'd have thought. HPI do you mean, Norm?
  15. The ones I am talking about are 2 good sized 4-bed semis, perhaps quality compared to some, but even so... I don't want to live in Southend again anyway but if I did I would be completely rogered if I had STR in '06 or '07 hoping to come back and buy for less later. Unless that is, the HPC will happen there in the future in nominal terms. Very, very demoralised to see that. Has put me right off my supper. Just clinging to the hope the other areas I might relocate to aren't in the same HPI league. Anyway, I'll sign off here before I get accused of being a VI or some such which will do no good for my blood pressure today at all.
  16. Very disheartening: a street I know in Southend (Essex), back to 2007's selling price in Dec 2012 plus 5K on top (4 bed semi). Nearby identical house a few doors away was 190K in 2003. In Southend, doesn't seem to have been a crash, and recently the Halifax said it had the most HPI in the country. Gobsmackingly unbelievable.
  17. Are you saying renting is dead money and you just want to buy and get on with your life??
  18. +1 +1 They're allowed to do that and call it the average? I am truly appalled at them. How many people realise that's pretty much how they do it? Very few, I'd wager.
  19. Frankly they are having a laugh, the only deep understanding necessary is of their own index linked pensions and how many deluxe biscuit assortment tins they can get through in just one afternoon
  20. I am inclined to think these glorifying property values 'news' articles will be featured in e-textbooks in 100 years, as evidence of where it all went so very horribly wrong. Rather like the tulip mania articles in history etc.
  21. Radio 4 a few moments ago had a guest on about the bond market. It might have been someone from Pimco, I'm not sure. He said he thought there was a period of volatility now but not the start of a bonds sell-off. I'll put my party hat away then, looks like my paltry savings interest rates won't be going anywhere much if at all if that's the case, unless this pathetic govt stop their reckless Funding For Bending
  22. Mervyn had big farewell drinks party for lots of mpc members i wasn't welcome just as I wasn't when I joined wonder if @adamposen was or GB? Are you sure you weren't welcome? I can't imagine why not, they did as you asked and then some, didn't they?
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