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  1. TH webay mob are pi**ing my off too ! that are still putting adds up with prices over £35 an Oz ! lol yeah you might have got that price 2 weeks ago ...not now! im looking at buying Philharmonic 2011, 1oz Silver coins direct from the austrian mint ! will i have to pay Vat on that too ?!?!
  2. haha found this on my travels tonight SAY NOT TO VAT !
  3. well ive decided to play the hmrc lotto ! im going to buy form Guernsey and account for having to pay tax... if i pay it then oh well i was going to have to anyway...if not then lucky me ! i was going to buy gold too i just want to get some silver before the price went back up! so you say that sovs are cgt free ?!?! is that the same for small bullion too ? such as click me cant wait to buy some metals ! my safe is empty lol the only other reason im changing my savings into pm's is that i have developed a hatred of banks and the whole banking system.... i no longer want them to have my m
  4. no good i want to hold my investment !! vat on silver is deffo 7% buy i can find hardly any coin brokers My link found these guys but they are quite expensive ! ive spoken to the guernsey mint and they said its like 50/50 if you get charged vat or not....might just take the gamble !
  5. so you think there will be another drop ?!
  6. it isnt enough that they want 30 odd % of my salary and 20% of everything i buy.... but now i cant even make an investment with the TINY amount i have managed to save up ! the 20 % vat on silver is pretty much pricing me out of an investment !!!!!!!! :angry: i've seen on other forums where people say, just buy from Germany vat is only 7% !!! well ive been searching for a few hours and i cant seem to find any 1oz sliver coin dealers that deliver to the uk ?!! im pretty much being forced to buy from Guernsey mint and then smuggle !! lol To add insult to injury if you check the current p
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