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  1. I read your posts and have come to the conclusion that you are probably unemployed with no means to buy. I dont care about house prices. I just want to see you humiliated and homeless. That's more than you deserve.
  2. Do you think this will just be for new purchases? How about people who have a house there already?
  3. We cant afford to move back to UK and rent. Even 2 bedroom places around London are nearly 800 pounds or more a month. If house prices do not come down we will stay out here. We would have to see at least a 25% drop to be able to afford our own place. I expect the BTL investors would pile in before it got to that stage and keep us priced out. Not even sure we would want a mortgage of over 1000 pounds a month either. We may try the council list
  4. It's going the right way for sure. So happy with this drop.
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