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  1. So you absolutely have to have two full time earners then. Even then it's still a real challenge. News at 10. I didn't see anywhere what salary multiple they were using for their 'affordability' calcs, unless I missed that?
  2. It's happening people - this hit my facebook feed today: http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society/london-house-prices-fall-because-it-is-horrible-20170918135914
  3. A source has told video game trade rag MCV, that 75% of jobs at their Xbox EMEA division are going, and that the remaining 25% of positions will be allocated based on selection via the consultation process that all EMEA staff are being put through. My take on this is that their Xbox division will be run more globally via Redmond without there being an EMEA intermediary to coordinate with EMEA local teams. Net result to be an even more US-centric Xbox offering and thus a lower market share in the EMEA/PAL region.
  4. Many comments are already telling the truth about the sentiment of this article, including my own.
  5. Not only the public sector. RM Nimbus should have been hugely supported and built upon - their stuff was incredible, another firm whose things got copied by Apple. Bloody typical UK culture of not appreciating quality design.
  6. It may be because neighbours have complained about the volume of my sound system. What are my rights? Can they confiscate my equipment?
  7. A journalist at the BBC has just been in touch with me, requesting if I would like to discuss my views further over the phone - following my sending them a message via their equivalent article. I have accepted and will keep you's posted.
  8. blatant attempt at pitching a price inflation target that is over double the BoE's CPI remit. pathetic.
  9. they can downsize, they just need to learn that they can't make money in the process.
  10. I live in Forest Hill. This rightmove listing cracked me up! Overpriced for its location too.
  11. last couple of years have been 2% plus bonus of about 10%. 2% was the standard increase that the vast majority received. don't know about this year yet - we'll know at the end of the month/fiscal year about the pay rise, and then about june for the bonus. in my company the perception is very much one that the bonus is part of the salary, that they withhold for a while so folks don't just up and leave at the end of the fiscal year /start of a new one, which of course is a time that many competitors do their hiring as they've been given their staff budgets by that time. and yeah call me ungrateful - 2% is a pay cut in real terms, especially when at mid-career level and at the point of pushing for going senior.
  12. Absolute crap that someone who pukes out some 5 minute ditty, gets nearly three times the legal protection under copyright law, than someone who creates a new form of rocket propulsion under patent law. No wonder we're screwed.
  13. forgot to mention it seems to be a very design-oriented country - a high % of people involved with or interested in making things. it's the value this creates that let's them have a more even society with shop assistants who are paid enough to live etc.
  14. Denmark's great. My brother moved there straight from university and lived there for around 7 years. It is bordering on communist in places - a shop assistant will get the same salary as a fully (albeit newly) qualified product designer, and there's a culture in work where it's quite looked down upon if you try and shake things up 'for the better' (the main reason my brother left). But, there's so much good stuff too... - great attitude to work/life balance - no major politics of envy and a more relaxed attitude with and from everyone as a result - insanely hot women... for me, the best except perhaps Norwegian girls - focus on the family, which is important for Danes
  15. so they can say they've reduced their spend on headcount and salaries, innit; hoping that they won't have to reveal what they're spending on consultancy...
  16. what, like housebuilders who come into a massive landbank?
  17. khards they all seem to be typical call centre/support roles to me. ea's movements similar to many other companies setting up support call centres in ireland.
  18. if memory serves from the beer-addled chat i had with my pal in tokyo, the voucher price equals a loss. the strategy is to drive footfall where they aim to upsell things of higher margin, however with the vouchers being so ubiquitous and the economy being what it is (plus, mcD's brand image taking a battering, it must be said), many more people are now just using the vouchers.
  19. while in japan last, i shared some drinks with an operations manager from mcdonalds of japan (who was related to a colleague of mine and offered to show us around). he was giving me some anecdotal on how bad it was for mcdonald's in japan lately - sales wayyy down, hardly any branches making hardly any money. a lot of it was down to voucher schemes he said.
  20. not sure i understand your points. questions: - why unintuitive, relative to competing products? - what is inferior about components being plastic? - that it could be manufactured anywhere with no change in quality is a positive surely. gives flexibility.
  21. you are either an idiot or a troll. pick which one.
  22. for boys - the ability to pick up girls. i'm serious.
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