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  1. Surprised no mention of the real gem in this piece - the 1961 Act. Why does everyone bank land and why does a £100k house on £10k per acre land cost £300k by the time it comes to market? Mystery solved, and the solution doesn't involve HTB / Shared Ownership or any similarly retarded policies.
  2. Yes - bus subsidies have ballooned to over £700m a year when most of England runs almost subsidy free. They need to scale back the absurd Freedom Pass too.
  3. Russian Nuclear Weapons Scientists accused of appropriating supercomputer for Bitcoin mining: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-43003740
  4. In 2015 before the referendum it was two-thirds EU migration: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34931725 The problem isn't really EU migration - when it was all rich countries (EU14) it worked reasonably well. Check out Fig 4 below from the ONS - it is the high concentration of EU8+2 migration in low value added manufacturing and service jobs that is the problem - they are simply driving down wages and productivity while driving many others onto welfare. Open borders between low and high wage economies is not good for the latter and they aren't paying enough taxes to cover the public services they are consuming. https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/populationandmigration/internationalmigration/articles/migrationandthelabourmarketuk/2016
  5. The Item Club has upgraded the UK GDP forecast from 1.4% to 1.7% with barely a month of the year gone. They really are completely useless. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2018/02/05/brexit-gloom-lifted-uk-growth-upgraded/
  6. Sounds like very sensible economics. It costs £6k to school a child for a year, where is the sense in importing Labour for such little valued added? If it can't be made more productive it can be done abroad and the produce imported. The remaining Labour and Capital are put to more productive use.
  7. Wayo


    Guildford has a hell of a way to plummet. Out towards Farnborough looks much more affordable and very little in it London commuting wise?
  8. Wayo


    This could all change with Crossrail. They are claiming Reading - Canary Wharf in 68mins in 2019. Reading has terrible housing stock - lots of narrow terraces, lots of bedrooms linked only to other bedrooms and lots of rancid run down ex rental stock they don't even photograph the inside of. Twyford down the line is small, nicer, but has very little stock and Maidenhead is an expensive dump.
  9. Wayo

    Bristol Area

    In many ways Bristol is like London. Politically very left wing, lots of crime, very expensive housing, very congested and polluted but lots going on. Some fantastic old housing stock in places like Clifton and Brislington, but very pricey. Unlike London, the Council Tax is also sky high. Keep an eye on the Severn Bridge tolls as if/when these become free, lots of other options may come into play.
  10. Wayo

    Westbury (Wilts)

    Reasonably cheap, certainly much cheaper than Bath and Bristol to which you are getting easy access. Some very nice rolling hills, downs, countryside and more white horses than a day at Epsom. But Westbury itself is fairly unexciting red brick market town which has grown a lot in recent years through suburban sprawl.
  11. Oxford has one of the worst housing shortages in the country and affordability as bad as in London. If you aren't going to build homes next to a main road and main line railway station a few minutes away from Oxford City Centre, where are you going to build them? They will put in schools and a surgery as they always do on such a development or it would not be a 'sustainable community' otherwise it is a pretty nondescript area of flat arable land. I would rather this weren't necessary but after 15 years of open borders there aren't many other options.
  12. Crazy article. People are fleeing the cultural desert of London because it has been taken over by the likes of Pret, Costa and estate agent windows full of smiling white middle class couples. Which of course is actually what brought them to London in the first place. Grassroots community culture my *** outside London is the cultural desert. Typically for that rag they didn't cover the real reasons people are leaving for Margate etc... the gangs , the drugs, the acid attacks, the crime, the gangs, the stabbings, the crime and the obscene prices compared to the commuter belt.
  13. I don't know what is worse, the parasitic rentiers who suck £k of ground rent from homeowners each year for doing absolutely nothing, or the parasitic professional classes who charge £k in fees for providing dismal and uninformed advice that is somehow worse than you would get from a layperson. Recommended or not, the solicitor still works for their client and should have been all over this, it is not difficult stuff. I would like to see their rear quarters black and blue for recommending purchase of a property that would become zero value without a buy out costing £10s thousands. Many of these escalator clauses are even written into the purchase. The government shouldn't need to regulate to make houses freehold, the whole leasehold concept needs proper legislation.
  14. Sounds more like that 'Second Life' fad. Can't afford a house? Buy a virtual house for your digital self at our our online store. Look - you can see yourself in the garden!
  15. I doubt they know either. They expected to be trading these welfare cuts for an EU referendum with whoever they were to find themselves in coalition with. Like the last parliament, they will get closer to Labour borrowing figures than their own, having promised hellfire and damnation on the financial markets if such reckless plans are allowed to pass. They have at least allowed the moratorium on wealthy pensioner benefits to run out. I wonder how many wealthy pensioners realised this when they voted. But they won't save £12bn from paring the winter fuel allowance from those with a holiday villa.

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