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  1. The Vienna segment was a bit utopian. The building looks very old, much easier to find £350pcm rentals in a European capital city of it was put up in the 1930s and fully depreciated. Of course we tried this in the 1960s and it didn't go terribly well. Only last week we had the guy fined £100k for putting his council flat on Air BnB. It is really a fools errand trying to buck the market. If you are trying, you are already doing something wrong and need to figure out where.
  2. Shocking indeed. Full time minimum wage is well above the income tax threshold. There must be a hell of a lot of low income pensioners, low paid part timers, people living off eBay, off the books sports massages, selling herbal remedies on street corners etc..
  3. And how many people will lose their homes on these revolving 2yr fixes when they can't remortgage? Home ownership wins elections. Spite against owners does not.
  4. When Crossrail gets finished it will be well under the hour to the City and Canary Wharf. Huge office blocks going up all over. Sadly let down by terrible red brick housing stock around the centre much of it ex rental and 2+1 bedrooms with downstairs bathrooms.
  5. West isn't bad. Some good shops and handy for Lydiard Park. As long as you avoid the bad areas, it may be worth aiming for either something near Lydiard or Coate as the two attractions. Otherwise a heck of a lot of 80s/90s suburgatory and not a lot of reason to pick one over another.
  6. Sounds great. I hope Boris makes him housing minister. Nobody outside East Berlin wants to rely on the government to provide their housing and they couldn't exactly move to somewhere this was possible. Stamp duty is an invidious tax on mobility and a spanner in the Labour market. A child with a pile of Duplo blocks could add more aesthetic value than the big house builders. Those mansion blocks are seriously desirable. The country is full of empty land. There is no reason why young people with good jobs should need government handouts to own a home.
  7. As long as the rich are hurting even more than you are. Not funny at all. I am not the one salivating at the prospect of wiping the smile from the face of the smug owners. You trying to disengage because you haven't got an answer to that.
  8. That is largely because the tax rates in Central London councils are very low. A point worth remembering when the Mayor moans about Police cuts. An inevitable result of any flavour of property value tax which this is. What's the alternative - a complex rebalancing mechanism through central government grants?
  9. It is quite clear it has everything about envy, hate and hitting the enemy. You are free to respond on substantive points of which I made many.
  10. Only a moron and a charlatan like George Osborne could ramp Stamp Duty and come up with a criminally stupid scheme like Help to Buy while standing on a so called conservative platform.
  11. Explain the relevance and merits of rateable value in a modern context. Because 3% of 55% does not fly in 2019 and wealth taxes are bad in general. Did you read the bit about smug property owners?
  12. It's a good thing as rents are more transparent than hidden costs and easier to budget for. But just like Council Tax to owners, don't kid yourselves it won't get passed on. It will.
  13. It's also amazing putting progressive in the title of something cons a few people into thinking it is fair and sensible. Much of what is being talked about is neither. Council tax to owners not occupiers. What exactly is solved? The cost will be passed on. The only attraction of this is the erroneous perception the heathen enemy are being punished. The Labour Land group proposal is a tax of 3% of 55% of market value. So it is a garden tax as well as a Council Tax on steroids. It will still cost thousands to downsize once the Politburo have decreed you are under occupying. If you dare improve the housing stock by extending - BAM - you are hit immediately with a bigger tax bill even though the land has not changed. One of the very few sensible things about the current arrangements were this didn't happen until you sell. It doesn't support any localism agenda as the tax burden pivots enormously toward London and anyone lucky enough to be income poor but owning in the M25 will soon be cleansed to the salt mines of the north. London is one of the most successful cities on earth but this rabid orgy of envy politics would exile it to oblivion as like it's predecessor the Window Tax the best defence is to destroy value. Tax oddly enough works best when you tax bad things and nobody has explained what is so bad about houses, gardens or wealth.
  14. Surprised no mention of the real gem in this piece - the 1961 Act. Why does everyone bank land and why does a £100k house on £10k per acre land cost £300k by the time it comes to market? Mystery solved, and the solution doesn't involve HTB / Shared Ownership or any similarly retarded policies.
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