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  1. https://www.acast.com/bullsandbears/ukpropertytofall50-talkinghouseswithhenrypryor?seek=0&autoplay=true?seek=0&autoplay=true A little bear food from Henry Pryor. Apologies if it's been posted before.
  2. No. But he was hated for his views by the serious men in suits. Corbyn I would say is a symptom of the youth vote as well as disaffection with labour lurching to the right. Corbyns actually listening to younger voters regarding lack of affordable housing and bringing it up in pmqs despite cameron hiding from the bubble.
  3. Well there was one bloke who managed to direct the masses against international finance. Shame he got fixated on their ethnicity.
  4. Most 30s and under just don't really understand the system. They've all got parents, mostly boomers if they're in their 30s and they are going by advice and experience. The advice from boomers usually is, "bricks and mortar forever and it was hard for us too, house prices have always been expensive so don't miss the boat!" The boomers are so convinced of this that we have BOMAD. Experience wise? Well they all had to grow up in a family home and we know at HPC that houses cost many multiples of income less back then than now. Some may even have experienced dad buying a house on a single income on an average wage at the time and just grew up expecting the same. God knows the media are not going to tell you any different from the bbc to the express, HPI is forever and HPC is not exactly considered mainstream. Growing up this generation probably had linear expectations of housing and that their parents wouldn't collectively ****** them all over for another BTL and lots of paper gainz to mew away on cruises. Boomers saturate all levels of society, until they don't I can't expect this generational ****** up to be widely reported in the papers, radio and TV stations that are all owned and staffed by boomers.
  5. http://blogs.channel4.com/paul-mason-blog/governments-tackle-unsustainable-global-economic-trends/4336 Doom and gloom only I'm afraid. Jubilee and peoples qe when?
  6. Or until the generation that 0% is protecting are no longer politically useful.
  7. Yup and s21 can arrive at any moment for any reason, even no reasons.We've just had one hit our doormat un the middle of december No reason given, property is well kept. Recently had a baby though. Oh well cest la vie. A stable home environment for your family is a big draw. Having to run around over Xmas dealing with letting agents trying to find somewhere for your wife and child to live isnt much fun especially with limited supply and high demand.
  8. Question is can BTL escape these new taxes osbourne is bringing by setting up as a company?
  9. SS have a decent order book, but they have some slight edges over princess that have helped. They have a larger global network of dealerships, brand new management team from the auto industry. Leading design (princess are years behind, always copy SS designs) bespoke units, all extras as standard, princess are off the shelf but cheaper. SS tends to have much larger boats, much more choice but at a cost. So there is the market out there but it still isn't as busy as pre 2008. Its just getting more competetive. Sunseekers previously had the cast off management from princesses last purge running the show, their leadership also ended with 300 redundancies at Sunseeker 12 months ago.
  10. 13,000 won't even touch the sides. Only 5200 being affordable and this is hailed as pulling out the stops and huge game changing policy? What a joke that the PM even puts his name to this insult.
  11. Probably just do what they did last time and claim house prices are moving sideways. Lol
  12. I work on Poole harbour. pallets and pallets of Dutch bricks coming through everyday. They are getting these bricks from the EU. If they can get them into Poole they can get them anywhere else. Building industry just don't want to train anyone. They probably are a bit worried about tanking the values of land that they have borrowed vast sums to acquire by building the numbers of houses we need, or even the numbers they managed a few years ago. It's not a good enough excuse though.
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