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  1. Halifax's calculator was still offering me 5x salary yesterday.
  2. NUFC have already spent all of the sponsorship money. I'm sure they'll be looking for a new sponsor
  3. On the contrary, it was Newcastle that exported the urine: For a short time in the 17th century, Newcastle exported large quantities of urine down the coast to Ravenscar, North Yorkshire, to be used in the production of alum (a dye fixative) for the textile industry.[4] The urine was collected from public urinals or barrels in the city and it has been suggested that this may be the origin of the popular (though mildly offensive) English phrase "taking the piss".
  4. They are both back up for the next auction. I think one has had it's guide price lowered by £10k.
  5. I suspect that is because we are on a website called "housepricecrash". Just a guess, like.
  6. Given how tiny the kitchenette is, where do you put your washing machine?
  7. I'm from Newcastle and the local press have been running the story with more detail: The properties were usually 2 flats (upstairs & downstairs) and you had to put in £12,000 to receive a grant of £26,000 for the conversion into a family house. Typically they wanted to move young families in to 'gentrify' the area. Details here: Newcastle Journal
  8. The graphs with the data on that here: In2Perspective About 3/4 of the way down on the right hand side. I think it is loans in total though.
  9. I always thought it came from the Beverley Hillbillies TV program. They were called the Clampetts. Wikipedia Urban Dictionary
  10. Back to Pattinson's Auction results. 68% of properties remained unsold Pattinson Sept Results The interesting bit is Pattinson's propaganda: Touting for Auction Business and Pattinson Auctions continue to grow It seems for the last year or so that they only sell up to 35% of the properties in their auction.
  11. It sold at auction for £200,000. So that'll be just a £95,000 loss in less than 2 years. I'm sure the neighbouring properties will be delighted to see their properties re-evaluated.
  12. Don't know if it's already been mentioned: The house and ferrari deal from Durham has been sold. It will be interesting to see whether he got the £367,000 he was after. I'm guessing a month or two and it will appear in the land registry data. He paid £300,000 for the house in May 2005 (obviously without the Ferrari) I think the Ferrari is worth between £40K and £45K.
  13. Just in time for the cold weather kicking in. I expect more shortage woes and further price increases just after the new year. It is an absolute scandal that they calculate CPI like they do. It'll soon be cheaper to burn Chinese built DVD players instead of gas.
  14. Of course that parking spot is also 'discounted' by 20% £15K for a parking spot at the Ouseburn. The mind boggles. I was amazed when I first found out that the parking spaces for 55 degrees were £10K. That's inflation for you.
  15. And your point is? I said some are witnessing reductions, which they are. I also said some remain unsold, which they are. Check out Sanderson Young and Lime Sq Discounts I think it is pertinent to comment on these, as they are substantial slice of Newcastle's housing stock. Sure, they aren't my cup of tea, but if the impact effects the market, I am damn sure I'll be paying attention to them. Look further than the end of your nose. These impact market sentiment in Newcastle and also introduce negative equity, something rarely seen in the last 10 years.
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