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  1. Oh that really is bitter and twisted. Sounds like maybe you were a sub prime loser.
  2. People like you brought me here Bob. To give some people the benefit of my experience. Y'know, the other side of the Story. We don't live in Cuba. We're not all Sheep.
  3. Did I say House Prices did any of the above? Of course they don't. Now if you want to widen the Political and Social debate that is a total other subject. We have what we have at present. It's our national pysche. We want to buy a bloody house. It's ingrained unlike say the Germans and to a lesser extent the French. Don't you understand.
  4. Your not blind as well are you!! Don't see the value in houses (in the last ten years)! Don't make me laugh
  5. Well pardon me. Don't know what I thought I was doing posting comments about House Prices in this forum. Shouldn't you be on the Apprentice saying Yes Lord Sugar? Prat
  6. I couldn't care less frankly old son. I just tell it like it is through my own experience over 40 years of ups and downs. Never forget there is nothing new under the Sun and peoples wish to own their own home.
  7. If you're serious about self build (and I've done a few) I'd recommend you research The Walter Segal Trust for and economical way to build and avoid Kit Houses like the plague.
  8. You are correct in the former but not in the latter. I only have 2 properties in the UK and 1 in Spain (now that is another can of worms) though I have bought and sold lots through all cyclical markets. Let me tell you, don't believe all the downside rhetoric you read on here from self interested delusionists. Renting, apart from short term i.e. up to a year, is for idiots or people who will never be able to buy.
  9. Of course I'd expect you to think that but you'd be very very wrong. I wouldn't piss on one if it was on fire personally. I only use and abuse them unless of course they can tip me of about..... you get the picture.
  10. So you DO want to buy and not rent. If you think property will ever be cheap over the medium or long term you're living in dreamland. Last time I looked they ain't making any more land nor will the govts promise of freeing up the planning process come to more than a few belly laughs (Tooooo many vested interests old chum) PLUS we had and are still having massive immigration both legal and illegal which by the way is one of the major causes of high prices. Looked around to see who your neighbours are recently?
  11. I wondered how long it would be before I got a bite. 9 minutes! No not troll, Just someone who has seen it all before many times since I started buying property in 1969. 40+ properties later I'm fine thanks and yourself?
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