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  1. This rise has booted my PM plans into touch, was leaning much more Gold>Silver, but now silver seems underbought. Surely there has to be a correction in Gold though, its mainly fear driving the price up, if it stays like this I do worry about the state of the world economy.
  2. GBP gold still steady, I 'd take anything dollar related with a pinch of salt for the coming while, very interesting events with the DOW today.
  3. Same as original poster, I know of no-one else with any sort of investment in PM's (unless they are keeping it hush hush very successfully.) That's one of the reasons why I would be hesitant to class it as a bubble, during the housing boom, there were programs every night on television showing how easy it was to profit in houses, universities were even offering degrees on the subject. The ordinary man is still selling Gold, and has no interest in silver palladium or platinum.
  4. Nice stack there, must feel overpowering sitting at a table with that much physical. Hopefully in a few years I'll have something similar, get a big chair and desk and pretend I'm Tony Montana. The kilo kook is a stunning coin as well
  5. That solves it then, I was thinking solely from a consumer POV. Should have realised HMRC will get our money one way or the other.
  6. I didn't see that location either. Having not used them (yet) I wasn't sure where there metals were sent from, or originated from. They still seem to be about the cheapest for silver at the moment, I will probably make an order at the end of the month of a sov and some oz silver.
  7. From HMRC's own website "VAT is a tax normally charged on the supply of goods (and services) made by a VAT registered business in the UK. For goods brought in or sent to the UK from the EU there's no extra VAT to pay unless you're ordering or sending purchased goods from one of the EU Special Territories, such as Jersey or Guernsey, in which case you'll have to pay Import VAT."
  8. You only have to pay VAT once, I have ordered many things from amazon.de for example of high value, no extra charge, they don't even pass customs. Alcohol and tobacco has a separate excise duty, which must be added on top. No such tax exists for precious metals.
  9. Why do Coin Invest Direct charge the 20% VAT rate when posting to the UK? Since they are operating in the EU, there isn't any extra VAT to be paid at the UK border, where is the extra money going?
  10. I'm 22, and would be made up if I was given a sov as a gift. Though saying that 99% of my similarly aged friends and classmates etc wouldn't know the difference between one and a lustrous penny to be honest.
  11. Heading back towards the 30's, I don't think I have ever been so happy to see an investment lose value. A further correction into the high 20's or low 30's would be great to add a bit more to the long term physical stack, though I'm not sure it will drop that far.
  12. Personally I have ended up with a lot more money in silver than gold, primarily due to my limited budget which makes buying silver in ounce form easier. I can only buy 1/10 oz gold coins or half sovereigns, which incur a fair premium on the spot price. Definitely thinking of increasing my gold holding by selling a portion of my silver, to balance things up a bit.
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