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  1. We have updated the forum software today to the most recent version from the old version it was using. Unfortunately this broke the old theme.
  2. Have you tried deleting your cookies and emptying your cache? Could you also try in a different browser if you have one available?
  3. We believe we have tracked down the problem to a configuration issue with our load balancer for the site. We've made some updates to it this morning (although completely broke it in the process - so apologies for that!) and now hope that this should fix the issues people were getting. If anyone still has any problems - please e-mail noc at fubra dot net.
  4. Apologies for the delayed response, but could anyone who is still experiencing any problems please e-mail us a copy of your traceroute output to noc at fubra dot net. How to do a traceroute on Windows Click on the start menu, and select run In the Open box, type 'cmd' At the command line, type: tracert www.housepricecrash.co.uk How to do a traceroute on OS X Click on the spotlight search icon, and type 'terminal' in the search box Click the 'terminal' application At the command line, type: traceroute www.housepricecrash.co.uk
  5. Seems to be running really well now. This may be the biggest test of the servers since we started hosting HPC - with the Dow collapsing 9% at one point, and the UK election results in full swing!
  6. That's not too far from the truth We've increased the number of PHP nodes in the server cluster that hosts HPC from 4 to 7 over the course of today, so hopefully we should be able to keep up with demand!
  7. The corrupt posts are a hangover from a hardware problem we experienced yesterday evening. We're still in the process of fixing it but a few posts may have been lost. You can follow our progress on here: http://twitter.com/fubranoc/
  8. Hi All, We have had a major hardware failure at our data centre where we host HousePriceCrash.co.uk and other sites. The central backplane on our Coraid SR2421 RAID array has failed, such that is is only partially working. We are in the process of moving all sites off of this device on to other devices. You can read updates on here: http://twitter.com/fubranoc/ Apologies for the inconvenience. Regards, Paul
  9. Hi Guys, Today we've simultaneously upgraded the site to the new version 3 of the IPB forum software, and also moved the hosting to a new server cluster. Unfortunately the old skins were not compatible with the newer forum software, so we had to create new ones. Whilst the header and footer have remained pretty much the same, the inner skeleton of the forum has changed with IPB 3. Although we can't completely revert to the old version of IPB, we will try to improve this new layout where possible. Let's keep track of both server issues, and general style issues in this thread. Here's some issues that I think need fixing.... Need to restore the Lo-fi version Bull or bear link doesn't line up correctly in the poster profile column. Broken image on my poster profile. Mark, Dawid and Matt will be checking this thread for issues and fixing them as they arise, so please use this as the main place for recording any problems. Paul
  10. If he's going to take our money anyway, let's have some fun giving it to him! http://www.bailoutbrown.com/
  11. Hehe - no time for holidays - we're worked to the bone here... Brendan had the guys work through the night after our Xmas party when we won the ebay auction for http://www.sockandawe.com Merry Christmas to all HPCers!
  12. You can change it to full screen by pressing the little icon above the boss link in the top right. It should then store your preference in a cookie for any future visits.
  13. We put the new design up yesterday, and although there are still a few teething issues, we think it's pretty much working now. Please let us know your thoughts on the poll above, and also if you have any specific problems or suggestions, tell about them here: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=98882
  14. The width issue should be fixed now, so that there are no horizontal scroll bars if you have a 1024 wide view port.
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