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  1. Eric - your links made me aware of how the system was pushed to indebt the people. i.e. us. for generations to come.
  2. As the description states I have bought a house at 30% less than it's previous buyer in 2007. I don't want to give too much info however I have paid 120K for a house that was bought for 175K in 2007 in Norfolk. Patience is a virtue my friends. And believe me the estate agent business is criminal. If I had a company that could demand money for no sale (i.e. gazumping) then I would be a rich man. I was guzumped twice last year but this time it went through ok. And I would not wish to criticise the people at the estate agents as the statute is much different in Scotland or Fance so I hear.
  3. Gentle folk, I wish I could offer you the deal but I have had an offer now. £20K on sale for the agent a.k.a me... Anyone up twe offer.
  4. I haven't posted since the new layout, however I thought you guys and girls would like this one. An EA phoned me yesterday seemingly offering the sale of the century. A 2 bed flat in a nearby town that needs a little work. He tells me with an accentuated voice that the asking price is £77K. I ask why he accented the word asking and he tells me £70K would get it and the argues that £65K would be a probability. He kindly offers me this once in a lifetime opportunity (my words) which I could rent out for 6 months and cash in at over £100K in the new year (his words). I mentioned that there is a
  5. A simple philosophy would argue that if house prices started to rise again at a decent rate then repossessed houses would be no longer in negative equity. If that happened those individuals who have had and are having their houses repossessed at the moment would be screaming at the banks for takings property that was still in or returning to credit. It canot happen as this economy and politic is based on debt slavery. The philosophy of money makers is to pull the plug every now and then on credit to then steal goods from the working class. Maybe I am wrong but for a Nation that had control
  6. In that case hasn't she built her roads on our land?
  7. Are you suggesting the world's richest men pay tax... Heaven forbid. An example of Law defininitions. Balentine's Law Dictionary (1930): human being: See monster. Ok, let's see "monster." Monster: A human being by birth, but in some part resembling a lower animal. "A monster, hath no inheritable blood, and cannot be heir to any land." This may be enough to make any upstanding citizen disrespect the so called legislative body. It made me laugh, the system is that corrupt I bet you all thought it was even OK to call yourself human, apparently it is not. Unless of course you are a lower
  8. NEWBUILD No Equity Within Buildings Under Increasing Labour Debt. SLAGS Sack Labour & All Government Staff. Have fun on the post. p.s. Try not to be too rude... I was very tempted. British Association of Stuffed Tennants And Residential Development Sysytem.
  9. I thought they said brownturd. I'll get my coat...
  10. I'll answer my own question... http://www.chrismartenson.com/crashcourse
  11. You gotta laugh on a Saturday night... Bump thanks markinspain
  12. Well put, I just thinking about when the major banks apparently went against the federal reserve act in their media 'spin' to get the people to vote the act in. It's as if they were saying they on the programming that the banks didn't wan't govt. money. They survive of taxpayers money and were given more of it.
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