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  1. This gas story is getting a lot of coverage. Talking about people have to may £400 per year more. Could this start affecting the affordablity of houses, if all of anyone's income is taken up by fuel? After all house prices seem to be set at what the market will bare, if all the money is absorbed by fuel, they might go down.
  2. Macron could be out of s job next year, he can throw his weight around now, but it might be better for everyone if if he is voted out in 2022, for a start would reset France's relations with a number of countries.
  3. Low birth rate is a mega trend that I have been talking about for a while. Even middle Eastern countries are having less kids, I think Saudi Arabia and Iran are at about 2 kids per couple. Parts of Africa like Nigeria still have high birthrates (like 5), but even that is going down. It could really affect economic growth, but may make the world a safer place, for example if you only have one kid, do you really want that kid to fight on a war or be a suicide bomber?
  4. Does France actually have anything that Australia needs that can't be procured from other countries? I imagine France will now start acting like it is the EU, and attempt to poison the whole EU's relationship with Australia.
  5. I get the impression the French are taking this worse than expected. Am I wrong? It sounds like France and Australia probably got into a mess with procurement due to Australia's intial requirement for no nuclear power in Australia, so a diesel submarine based on a nuclear submarine was never going to be ideal. However I still would have expected just a diplomatic complaint, not a full on meltdown. Could this mean the end for the independence of France's defence industry? I imagine developing a nuclear sub from scratch might be too much for France to bare, but I can't see them wanting to have the same subordinate relationship that the UK has with American defence contractors.
  6. My personal take is this winter certain politicians will be trying to squeeze the last drops out of Covid, with every sneeze being met with the call for a lockdown. However in April, the Covid story really won't be able to go any further, then when the dust settles, there will be scrutiny on the financial situation, which isn't going to be pretty. It feels like politicians have been trying to extend Covid to avoid scrutiny. Personally I can't wait 😉
  7. This seems to have been talked about even before Covid. I think Sunak, Hammond, Osbourne, Darling were just on the brink of doing something about it. But somehow nothing was done. Any realistic idea when there will be an interest rate rise?
  8. Used to work in Nottingham, I found it surprisingly rough, I had preconceptions it was quite nice before I worked there. Seemed to have a lot of "social problems". Did some work in Liverpool, the area I was working felt very deprived (Edge Lane just outside the city centre), I think they have done quite a bit of work rejuvenating the place (but often that is just surface deep, and the rejuvenation is only in high profile areas). No idea about Glasgow (wasn't Glasgow once the second biggest city in Britain?)
  9. I think there is a bit of push back on using Bradford as a comparison as it has a "unique" set of challenges. However depending on your definition of a tier 3 city, you could probably say most of them have got something uniquely wrong with them. Unless they are some sort of gentrified place like Bristol or York, in which case they are usually stupidly expensive.
  10. I heard the exact opposite, I heard due to demographics China has a 10 year window to attack Taiwan, after that the country will start to lose its willingness to fight due to a generally aging population. This is why everyone is worried about an imminent Chinese attack on Taiwan.
  11. He was a polite and quiet lad! I think this is the problem really, the father turning a blind eye to the behaviour of the son.
  12. "Peak Bradford" lol I occasionally read the Telegraph and Argos, the comments can be quite interesting, though they know to turn the comments off for "certain" articles!
  13. I think London Vs Bradford is a bit of a silly comparison. Though, there are no doubt some nice villages on the outskirts. How about London Vs Shropshire, or London Vs Northumberland (tbf that might be a bit far)
  14. I am hardly a military strategist, but it is actually surprising how few countries have nuclear submarines. Even China has very few, so saying the British design will eventually be out of date seems a bit unfair. No idea what Aus should procure, but from what I can see Britain is bang up to date in this technology.
  15. I don't think I have seen any mainland European supermarket that can come anywhere close to a Marks and Spencer Ready Meal (especially King Prawn Bhuna!!) They are also lacking in the lunch time sandwich department. I have had some god awful Sandwiches from non discount Swiss and German supermarkets. Some of the Swiss stuff (from the second biggest Swiss supermarket Co-op) has been directly copied from Tesco finest, but it is still actually not that good.
  16. I read other articles blaming this situation on China, which has lent Sri Lanka money through the "Belt and Road" initiative.
  17. Don't want to vote conservative, labour, libdem, or green. So maybe a fringe local candidate or spoil ballet paper.
  18. One or two? I know on a lot of Barratt style estates btherr are a lot of parking beefs because only one car parking spot is provisioned for, but a lot of people have 2 cars. I recon just after petrol cars become illegal, the prices on the used market will start to rise because some people won't be able to change their vehicles.
  19. This is not really advice, but it just goes to show we should never have locked down in the first place.
  20. I think everyone needs to stay in shape, and get any potential Issues tested early. Incidentally, the NHS seem to be very bad at missing cancer, so might be worth going private for a second opinion.
  21. My Aunt has had some health issues, went private to get diagnosed, then started using the NHS when it was not found to be life-threatening. She just paid out of pocket, I recon the initial testing would have been about 6 months if done on the NHS, which was done in a couple of weeks.
  22. I understand the idea, but telling people where that can and can't live is a dangerous idea in my opinion. Why not put a hefty tax on second homes, and remove the possibility of making a home be owned by a company, to avoid this tax.
  23. China seem to be making some quite dramatic changes to society, to be honest a lot of it is probably fairly popular, so I am interested to see how it goes. I do think that like "the west", the biggest challenge is demographics. But as they had decades more of the one child policy, I think they will end up with a very heavy burden of older people.
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