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  1. 18% of gross income, 28% of net income. Not counting council tax. Renting in West London.
  2. A mapping project to work out who owns every part of Scotland is to be completed within 10 years ... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-27555854 Apparently this is one of the less controversial recommendations from the Land Reform Review Group - full report (200+ pages!) at http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Resource/0045/00451083.pdf [PDF]. Seem to remember reading that fewer than 500 people own most of Scotland somewhere - perhaps this will confirm it.
  3. Well, this rental price crash doesn't seem to have reached Brentford in outer west london yet - modern 2-bed flats seem to be going for £1500 to £1650 per month. An increase of £100 per month compared to a couple of years ago. This despite plenty of new similar flats being built in the area. Typical example: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/property-41060194.html . To buy a similar flat would probably be £320K - £380K, giving a rental yield of just over 5% though once you deduct service charges at around 2.5K / year that drops to more like 4% ...
  4. Maybe I'm missing something (did the advert change?), but £1,385 per week / £6,000 per month for a 7 bed house in a so-so part of Ealing doesn't seem that much of a bargain? That's still £850 per bedroom per month ...
  5. Hmm, thanks Starla, that's interesting. I'd always assumed Chiswick was out of my price range, might need to expand my Rightmove search area when our tenancy renewal comes up
  6. Yes, 561 sq feet is absurdly small, and yes, it is right next to the M4/A4. In absolute terms, £235K does seem pretty crazy. But a decent size (say 750+ sq feet) 2 bed flat in Brentford with a river view will set you back around £350K to buy, so it's not overpriced compared to the rest of the market. Besides, it is handy for the Piccadilly Line and trains to Waterloo, the area is safe enough, and there's a fair bit of greenery around - Boston Manor Park and the Grand Union Canal are nice. Perhaps I've become too used to crazy prices - I'm renting an admittedly much bigger 2 bed flat in Bren
  7. Here's one example I found recently that proves that money (or at least £1.35 Million) does not buy taste ... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-40731470.html
  8. It's been on the market for a while judging by this thread from Nov 2011 ... http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=172278
  9. Yes, that would be interesting. I guess the problems for someone trying to do something like that as a serious business are: you'll fall under the scope of some sort of money laundering / banking / money transfer legislation, which is probably an expensive hassle the price is crazily volatile - the "float" bitcoins you hold could change in value by 25% in a single day (though perhaps it will steady down eventually)
  10. Ah yes, this confused me at first. Here's my understanding having bought and sold on localbitcoins.com a few times ... Don't forget that technically, there is no one true "current exchange value" - there are £1000s of bitcoins being traded all over the globe every minute for various prices. But since the MtGox USD exchange is so big, people tend to rely on the price there as the nearest thing to the current exchange value. When offering to buy or sell bitcoins on localbitcoins.com, you can choose: a specific price a percentage above or below the latest (last) MtGox USD price converted i
  11. Church's shoes look quite cheap compared to John Lobb (UK) - their prices start at £2960 + VAT http://www.johnlobbltd.co.uk/main/pricelist.htm Mind you, they are unique to you and are entirely hand-made in the UK - which takes six months!
  12. Here goes with a quick play at devils adocate ... I've heard that the average cost of an unfair dismissal tribunal (whether successful or not) to an employer is about five thousand pounds. Often employers will try to settle with the employee for a little less than this figure to avoid hassle. Presumably Oldham is going to be laying off lots of people shortly as a result of central government reducing their funding. Suppose that without a compentent People Change Officer, the council manages to seriously piss off 30 of those laid off employees, who go on to bring unfair dismissal claims. If
  13. Looking for 2 bed properties for rent on Rightmove today, I can see: 126 properties going for more than the LHA Rate 10 properties going for around the LHA Rate no properties below 95% of the LHA Rate (!) The 10 properties going for around the LHA Rate all seem to have some huge flaw (e.g. underneath the M4 flyover, next to a fried chicken place, never renovated since the '60s, not really available at that price - just there to drum up business for the EA). I've never seen anything appear on Rightmove for much less than the LHA rate. However, I'm not sure that Rightmove is really the who
  14. Surely the next step is to pretend to deport the elderly to Asian "granny" camps, but really to send them on a short, final one-way trip? With their organisational skills, the Germans could even arrange for relatives to regularly receive detailed updates on how their elderly relative is getting on in their (non-existent) care home in Thailand. Photo updates might be tricky to keep going over the years, but the lack of aging could be explained by the climate - and the excellent care from all those smiling carers. Meeting the demand for in-person visits could be tricky, but you see, the imagi
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