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  1. As i have mentioned on another thread i took the plunge and bought last month, i paid £80,000 for a three bed semi needing a bit of TLC, RV is £97500. However in relation to this thread a friend of mine sold in 2007 on the same street for £196500. I would say though that the vendor in my case needed to sell and dropped the price on several occasions, so i do think with good research you can find value but they are still few and far between, as an example there are others on the same street as mine and asking prices are still at £120000-£130000 with the same EA that i bought through. Might not
  2. Hi Everyone, Very happy to say all was completed today, i found HSBC very good to deal with and the mortgage was approved and valuation done very quickly. We have a bit of work to do in the house but it will allow us to extend the family and reside in a better area. I have enjoyed reading this board and i have recomended it to a few people over the last couple of years, good luck to everyone. Cheers
  3. Hi, Just a quick update for anyone interested, mortgage application was sent way to the underwriters on saturday for approval and i have just had the advisor e-mail to say it has been approved and i need to pop into the branch to complete, Happy Days, another hurdle out of the way!
  4. Cheers for that, just looked at the Northern website and yes not bad. If it goes through i dont know what i will do with my spare time, no HPC or Property pal browsing!!!!
  5. Single earnings, only me on the application.No kids and been in the same job for over two years. I had heard HSBC are picky so was looking for a back up.
  6. Cheers, i hope so, we are planning on staying in it for at least the next five years so hoping all goes well, i have a feeling there will be many more hurdles ahead though, hence the mortgage thread.
  7. Hi All, Well i have had an offer accepted on a property, started off at £130000 and dropped over a year to £90000, RV was £100000, i have had £85000 accepted, now then i have to get a mortgage, i earn £30000 per annum and have a good credit rating, deposit of £14000 so around 85% LTV, has anyone any good recomendations?? HSBC look the best as far as i can see and i have already had a DIP from them although not yet gone through credit check.
  8. Hi Guys, Long time reader and only one previous post here, i am looking at putting an offer in on a house in the Lyndhurst area of Belfast, the house is about 7 years old and is a decent size and requires very little work, the thing is iam not familiar with the area as i have been living in the east of the city, my partner and i are both from northern england however i have a daughter form a previous relationship who stays with us a couple of nights a week, she is recieving a catholic eductaion and i heve been told thios may cause me issues in the area, Any advice appreciated.....Cheers
  9. Hi, Cheers for the reply, i guess we could rent out without telling the bank but she just wanted to do it above board, as for handing the keys back i would agree, the mortgage is for way over what the house will be worth in our lifetime( just my opinion ) but she also has her brother down on the mortgage and he is not keen on the idea. I have pointed out that when intrest rates go back to a normal level they will be paying £1300 a month intrest only on dead duck but all ears are shut!!!!
  10. Hello All, I have been reading this forum for some months now and finally registered, i am looking for a bit of general advice and this forum looks as good a place as any to start, firstly a bit about my background and how i have come to be on here, i moved to Belfast fromthe North East of England about five years ago and was shocked at how expensive property here was and also the clamour for property ( people camping on the ormeau road for the bakery development ), I decided to rent with my partner and child and adopt a wait and see policy. Sadly we split up however i have remained in Belf
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