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  1. This is exactly what I think. I wonder why EAs know the problem, but still help the seller. For me, this is a fraud for the next buyer.
  2. I also don't believe the specialist can fully eradicate the problem too, but as the vendor promised to do it to get my mortgage approve, I'm waiting to see what they do. But now 1 week after they promised me, they put the property back to market without notice me, it was "SSTC", now is "new" to the market with the same asking price. I think it is very unfair to the next people who want to buy the house. I guess the vendor just cut those off, and pretend there's no such problem. I also think EAs shouldn't put the house back to the market as the problem has not yet solved.
  3. There's an update. EAs said vendor willing to find a specialist, just take some time to be addressed, since neighbor is involved. But one week later, today I can see they put the property back to the market. I try to contact my EAs , but he is on annual leave. I wonder how nasty they are, it seems the vendor now not willing to pay for it, just simply put it back to the market, hiding there's a problem of Japanese Knotweed to next people who may interested in her house. Any one has opinions?
  4. Thank you. I just search on Japanese knotweed, it could be a huge problem, although now is in neighbour 's garden. Now I'm struggle that if I should accept the house, when the specialist issue a warranty. As soil will be contaminated too, will it growth again...... It took us so much effort to find a house we like, negotiate the price, now plus vendor will pay for specialist.......dilemma!!
  5. Offer accepted, come to bank's valuation, Japanese knotweed seen growth in neighbour's garden. Bank says they will not consider to give offer because it, and asked me to look for another property. Now the vendor is willing to find a specialist to eradicate the problem. Bank says they will accept only if there's a warranty. My husband is fall in love with the house, he said he will not give up because some "plants". Anyone face the same problem or hear about this ? I 'm so frustrated,
  6. I have face the same problem, we recently like a house, except there's a railway bridge at the back garden and there's also a BIG electric tower. We don't know what to do, the house price is just fair because of the railway, but didn't count for the electric tower. My mum and mother-in-law both not agree to buy, they wonder it will has radiation problem and hard to resale, even not good to live in. What you guys think?
  7. wheat

    Spring Bounce

    Agree, we were waiting over 3 years to see price fall, but in fact the asking price is rising or at peak level (London). What we can do is, waiting for the interest rate to rise?
  8. wheat

    Spring Bounce

    I see this in my area (Bow, London) , many EAs mark the asking price over the peak level!!! For example, typical 3 bedrooms terrace now for 600K? Mad!! It was always around 500K, and just under 500K in Oct-Dec 2010.
  9. Thanks for the info. This is the first time I heard sealed bids. Learn a lesson.
  10. The EA didn't tell it is a repo. I just know it's a BTL property. The asking price is very reasonable in my area. He said other 4 bids all over the asking price. So, another question, will you guys give offer over the asking price? My husband thinks it's kinda stupid.
  11. We recently put an offer slightly under the asking price to a property, that agent said there's a closing date has been set to receive offers and asked we to wait. One week later, he replied our "bid" is lower than another 4 "bids", so seller will not consider. I said I want to discuss with my husband, see if we can put another higher offer. He said you can't increase your offer now, you only can put a final offer before closing date. He was rude. Hi everyone, is it a normal practice? Offer = bid? I think we are not in acution. Even in auction we know each other's offers.
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