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  1. "200% tax" - that's Welsh code for "burn down" isn't it. Say no more
  2. This is like that time Tony Blair said 'send three and fourpence, we're going to a dance' and everyone thought he said 'send reinforcements, we're going to advance' and invaded Iraq.
  3. what a vile F ** K N U T edit: removed asterisks
  4. If the people had accepted the puppet government it would have been cheap. If it turns out expensive it doesn't matter though - the cost comes from tax payers, the revenue goes to business. The Americans know the financial influence their empire can wield is progressively weakening. Force is a necessary alternative for them.
  5. The point is the SAS had to be rescued from the Iraqi authorities after they'd been found provoking trouble between Iraqis. Trouble which is meant to escalate to the kind of incident you referred to. Can't prove anything, but I like this hypothesis better than the freedom and democracy one.
  6. The last thing the US and British governments want is an Iraqi people united and governing effectively, putting their own self interest above that of Western capital. When support for the puppet government failed to materialise it became necessary to turn to divide and conquer tactics. The intention has always been for the West to stay in Iraq, hence the permanent bases placed there to secure access to resources.
  7. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/4264614.stm
  8. So why was it necessary for the SAS to dress up as Sunnis and kill Shias?
  9. Yes, if global finance were a web page it would be goatse.
  10. Isn't it also true that at any workplace at least 50% of people are useless and being carried by the rest? Even if you're nominally employed it doesn't mean you are benefitting society. All those regional marketing directors for Burger King and people who design web sites for bubble gum companies and all kinds of chavs in suits. But we live in a capitalist society and these jobs serve capital, it's not supposed to be something anybody likes - if a company makes profit it is justified by our dominant ideology. The purpose of our government is to serve capital. We don't live in a socialist country - socialism is about rewarding workers for their work and who knows if it works or not, it's irrelevant because we're a capitalist country. Therefore our government primarily serves capital and it is their duty to make sure that society as a whole contributes to the needs of business. You might think it's unproductive to have a high amount of unemployment, but unemployed people mean those in work can be paid lower wages. This benefits business and increases overall productivity. It may be counter-intuitive to the individual observer, but capitalism is an idea and as such it transcends the individual. Have benefit scroungers damaged the FTSE? The FTSE looks fine, so really any complaint is unjustified. It reminds me of a quote:
  11. I feel that the whole left wing/right wing divide is a red herring. One party or other may favour those on benefits versus workers more or less than the other but really it's just about who gets the scraps while the real wealth every time just goes to make the rich richer - the one constant is the growing divide between rich and poor. I think our rulers just love it to see one segment of society blame another because it takes attention away from those who are really fleecing you.
  12. If this is true it means the war on terror is won and the authorities will now begin re-instating our rights. I must admit that as someone occasionally pessimistic about foreign policy I hadn't expect this to happen before Christmas.
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