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  1. for saving me the trouble of trawling for PM news Thank you Asheron
  2. im 29, other half is 24. been together 4 years and we have planned our life together up to retirement. were not just putting off marriage, it was never on the cards...its outdated,obsolete, unfit for purpose, we dont need some guy in a costume telling us we are a couple and stamping a piece of paper to make it "official" . saving for the right day to snap up a bottomed out housing market to start a family is the order of the day. yours faithfully Glabbers and the "Mrs"
  3. just posted it back, i think he was just too dumb to know to be honest (or am i projecting my good natured view onto people?) either way, im going to write a neutral feedback that he sold me the fake and refunded mainly to stop him trying to sell it on again.
  4. Reverse Paypal charges sounds interesting. gave him the benefit of the doubt and told him id send it back for a refund but as quite standoffish [quite a scallie/Chav attitude ] and after looking threw his sales and purchases i have a feeling he is a massive Scallie/Chav.....i no longer trust him. but he has an 800star account to protect so ill get it back do coinsinvestdirect sell old coinage?cant find any. i have bullion but like the antique coins.
  5. Been buying a few Silver Crowns recently from Ebay. Got home today to find a nice packet waiting for me, teared it open and instantly felt something was wrong. It had all the usual dents and scratches youd expect and a deep gouge to the left of vicki's face. It wasnt magnetic.. thats fine. felt no resistance from my neodymium magnet...hmmm dug out my scales, weighed it and it was 20.4g [with the same dimensions as others in my collection]. Damn Damn Damn! im guessing it is silver plated copper seeing as it lacks magnetic properties and aluminium would be much lighter. someone knows what
  6. I take my monthly bank credit (pay) out in cash, leave enough in to pay the bills but thats it. banking collapses have a tendancy to occur quickly, and the maximum daily withdrawl limit is not for your security. when the machines run out and the store card machines fail people will instinctivly demand cash only.....for a while. then it is precious metals that will command the best purchasing power
  7. UK must be mentioned, the levitating trick weve been pulling is all but over. the guy is a nutter, but then he is American plus cassandra effect taking its toll
  8. Ive always wondered how the currency of kings for thousands of years has become so cheap everyone can own some, does make me nervous about the illusion of paper, everyone i talk to seems to think all money is backed by the shiny shiny. and are a bit taken back when i show them fiat money on wiki although i cant afford it anyway, its silver for Glabkrar. and in my hand of course, mabee im a little paranoid but if TS does HTF and were all using notes for fires then id like to own somthing people want
  9. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-14258888 no problems here. investors will be paid on time. everyone else, im not too sure
  10. Just looked up a bullion dealer in city centre, u know the type of shop that is just a door between two big shops into a basement with Jaildoors as the entrance. it was one of them and hard to find dumping my fiat into somthing that wont be used as winter kindling in a few years...my dad thinks im an idiot of course
  11. i just bought my first silver britannias today, may just have to buy some more.
  12. got a nice place to sit and watch the door tho...they can see the bailiffs walking upto it
  13. i like this one too http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-13991135
  14. whats your view of these sales prices? i not familiar with the area.
  15. A traditional bay fronted semi-detached requiring a degree of modernisation. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-30009403.html just a dust and polish! it'll be a palace
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