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  1. and here as well http://noir.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=a6NAok.d69zw&pos=6
  2. Maybe they can take some of our immigrants and relive the burden on housing at the same time .
  3. I do not like sarcasm very much . Yes I know it is not cheap but you at least can earn wages that are going up with inflation ,and the country has so many opportunities ,it is also the weak pound that makes their properties look even more expensive to us .I have been and worked there and they have it all ,and at least the house prices reflects their booming mining fueled economy .
  4. funny you should say about the castles a german friend of mine a few years ago commented using the phrase about and english mans homes is his Castles ,was basally referring to how everyone feel the need to have buy their own home .I feel this need also .It seems in Germany it not like this as much as the renters have so many rights and people are not obsessed with home ownership ,I suppose rents must be a lot cheaper .Germany is booming now but wages had been held down for along time over there . The properties seem extremely cheap in Germany given the fact the pound is so low ,would be even
  5. I wish I pray, I hope the house prices fall but I doubt it is going to ahhpen due to the shortage os houses .I seen some cheapish one bed newish build apartments for sale and they seem a good price ,but then you have all the associated fees that you will always have to pay out and the fact the lease dropping every year making it harder to sale in the future or the potential of having to buy a new lease .I just do not see anyway of getting on the property market for me .Just saved up 21k and still saving but on only 15k a year I cannot see how an ordinary worker like me will get on the ladder .
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