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  1. Interesting. I cant actually see anything wrong with what Healy described. A meeting of high flyers from a variety of backgrounds - industrialists, politicians, fanciers, academics etcs., striving for a world where democracy rules and we stop killing eachother. Hardly massively secret when the attendees are published. Some people really need to get out more....
  2. My dealings with lawyers (LLP partnership dispute and commercial property leases) has led me to believe that lawyers are simply conduits to send scary sounding letters with big words and faux deadlines in order to scare you into agreeing (a law firm that rhymes with Sishcon le Playa were particularly aggressive but when it came down to it their client had no leg to stand on). The commerical lease was a brilliant example of charging £1,000's to tell me something I already knew but in a more long winded way. I for one am pro-competition on the whole and in particular in this area.
  3. Yawn. Gold and subscription ramping, as always. Also, I think its a fairly poor presentation. A dull, simple sounding fella reading from a powerpoint slide show which looks like an internet get-rich-quick scam.
  4. Footballer? Cant think of anyone else likely to be around there with so much money and so little taste.
  5. We viewed a house yesterday that has already been "sold" twice but finance or chain fell through both times. I asked it this was happening a lot and the EA said it was and that not a lot was happening. She was visibly excited that we were renters. Viewing another one today and will be interested to see what the agent is like.
  6. Your analysis is flawed. You assume that in the event of a economic collapse that the nation will still gorge itself on Peruvian avocados Israeli Jaffas? The UK can feed itself, perhaps not with the variety you seen in the shops but people couldnt afford waht they currently do in the scenario you describe (which obvisouly isnt going to happen anyway).
  7. The farsical nature of each letter renders the entire "open" process utterly pointless. I simply do not see the point paying these people so much money to send eachother ridiculously pointless letters and in my mind illustrates just how devoid of real oversight Western democracies are. I wonder; do they sit in their Gents clubs in Mayfair laughing at those paying for all this? Congratulating themselves that the wool is well and truly pulled over the proles eyes who are forced to bend over and take it whilst they explan to them, with strraight faces, that they can be trusted and that everythi
  8. Friends of ours are relocating due to a new job and put their house on the market. Agent told them to list at a price which is around 8% higher then they thought it was worth because buyers are "being cheeky". The rightmove asking price index is utter nonsense.
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