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  1. Thank you ZZ, I missed your one voice of reason among the calls to burn the witch, to ram one down her fukin throat and other violent "threats".
  2. WTF does it matter what the snake oil seller looks like? Do you actually know the producer was male? I take it you know who he/she is if so stop pratting about and post the name as I'd like to send him/her an email. Is it the Alex Hall who replied to the complaint?
  3. Well at last theres someone who can think with their brain instead of their dick and see that the buck for last nights vested interest drivel stops with the programme producer and not Babs the snake oil seller who simply took the chance to plug her business. Where was the other point of view on the program? Why wasn't she challenged? Why is *all* the anger on this forum directed at Babs and none at the real culprits the program makers?
  4. OK but the bit about copy or disclose is meant to be for people who may have received the email in error as it's all in the paragraph starting "If you have received it in error..." So I think you were OK first time (I am not a lawyer).
  5. Bearfacts your post originally said: "To my utter amazement I got this reply from Alex Hill:" And you gave the reply. But now it reads: "To my utter amazement I got this reply, I have had to paraphrase it as apparently copying is forbidden:" And the reply has been changed slightly. Can you please say why you have done this? Has someone asked you to change it? If so who and why? In particular why have you removed the name of the person who replied?
  6. Good post, well expressed, I hope you are going to send it in to the Beeb. Maybe if you say who you are you may get a right of reply and some free advertising for ourproperty. Maybe worth a shot.
  7. Yes it was. Which is why I'm surprised there was no mention of that house which they did end up renting out. Anyone know if they eventually sold it? If not I make the Millard's property count the two BTL flats, the flat in Paris, their previous own house that they couldn't sell during the programme and their new house brought very recently.
  8. I fear this situation is going to become all too common. At the very least I'd think about how affordable your mortgage will be when the fix ends and bearing in mind interest rates may well go up. Can you start saving now towards this? As for your house value, I take it you are familiar with nethouseprices and ourproperty? If not try them to see what houses like yours are selling for. As for if you can sell now, that depends on many factors including what area you are in. I think you may get into trouble and negative equity could be a problem. But you already know all this, I wish I could th
  9. In order to move house you have to pay off the loan on selling. If you are in negative equity you either have to make up the shortfall yourself out of your own pocket or have a very understanding lender who will let you transfer the debt. In the latter case as you are buying the new house with no deposit and with a mortgage that is more than the house is worth so don't expect to get a competitive interest rate.
  10. There's something related to this that I'm curious about. When you STRs say you "sold June 2004" (or what ever date it was), do you mean you agreed the sale in June 2004? Or that the sale completed in June 2004? I'm asking as sometimes it takes months or even over a year from sale agreed to completion. I am curious to know as it makes a difference to when the price was struck.
  11. I was thinking the same recently and that I am not looking forward to the more onerous responsibilities that come with house ownership. Renting has certainly left us with more free time and maybe we have just been lucky so far but we are actually enjoying it (even though the walls here are a striking turquoise rather than the usual magnolia).
  12. My figures simply show the outstanding balance of a mortgage over time as per the original question. I didn't think any of the mortgage calculators include inflation. If Tophers does then of course that changes things entirely.
  13. Cheers Topher. No worries, I really do appreciate all your analysis, IMO it's some of the very best stuff on here and I have gained a lot from what you have posted.
  14. Yep. Have you emailed them the errors so that they can get some of these bugs sorted out? There's more on it on this thread: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...indpost&p=82703
  15. If it was REGISTERED in January it should have been available 24th Feb. A sale COMPLETED in January could be REGISTERED within a few days or it could be a couple of months or more. When you look up the entry on nethouseprices you see the completion date. If you want to see when the record was last updated you can look on the land registry site: Title Number: MS498786 Last Updated: 10 Feb 2005 77 ASPEN GROVE TOXTETH LIVERPOOL L8 0SR FREEHOLD Of course that doesn't tell you why the record was updated on 10 Feb 2005. It could be the second sale or it could be a change of lender
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