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  1. I wouldn't move to Thanet, even if I was rich. There are crime problems, many of the residents hate the place, and you are in the middle of nowhere - the nearest international airport is 80 miles away!!! Also ... the residents can't/won't travel outside of Thanet, even with access to a decent public transport system!
  2. Modern love is conditional ... IMHO people are too selfish and money-loving!
  3. The UK is asking for trouble. On the one hand, property values are well in excess of the CRAZY levels we saw in 2007 ... successive governments have spent HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS on propping the housing market up. On the other hand, the UK is shell of its former self: cutbacks in the armed forces, police and local services, NHS services that are shockingly bad in certain areas, and roads that look like something out of a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. The Emperor's New Clothes are becoming more apparent by the day!
  4. £1,000 per month .... for a RABBIT HUTCH in the South East?! The power of delusion and denial ....
  5. The Evil of Work? Listening to F#cking work colleagues all day long ... their f #cking mindless banter ... and the backbiting!
  6. As somebody mentioned above ... this appears to be worse than 2007! The lessons of 2007 have not been learned ... instead the folly of 2007 is seen as a BENCHMARK ... the Holy Grail to Recovery. Bloody Idiots!
  7. They can surely curse their luck if they end up in Thanet .......................... ...
  8. The BBC is full of BTL-types ... and the organisation is government mouthpiece.... what did you expect?
  9. Shot in the arm?! ..... just what the debt junkies need! The UK is addicted to ridiculous house prices .... only a complete financial meltdown will stop this madness. "Firm economic and demographic foundations"??!! Can I have some of the stuff he's smoking? The economy is still hooked on debt ... nothing substantial has changed since the last crash .....
  10. I know somebody who recently committed mortgage fraud to get "on the ladder" ... clearly those "tough checks" are worthless. The government's intervention in the housing market is working .... I am seeing more "sold" signs than for at least three years. The UK national debt is expanding at unsustainable rate ... and (once more) the nation is worshipping at the altar of property ownership ..... what could possibly go wrong? 2007 never happened! When this sucker finally crashes ... it will flatten the UK for a generation or more ...
  11. Houses are no longer homes .... because of greed and covetousness
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