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  1. But would the US currency devalue that much if it printed a fist full of trillion dollar bills to pay the debt off? As everyone knows this is the only way it can pay off such a figure, and the Chinese seem extra keen to keep their currency down no matter what.
  2. Here in SE England house prices and wages are the same/similar to 2007, they maybe 30% cheaper in relation to baked beans and tinned tuna if id invested in these goods in 07.
  3. I was as sure as you, but never in a million years did i expect QE and 0.5% interest rates. This changed the rules of the game completely, and as long as IR are a few percent there wont be a huge crash IMO. Nearest comparison is Japans property bubble deflating slowly via QE and 0% interest rates,
  4. Being as they have huge tariffs on all our goods not a lot ... lift this have a bit of free trade and see what happens. Had to laugh when the reporter on ITV said China is a huge investor in Britain .... just a pity our trade deficit with China shows otherwise.
  5. The police state we currently live in was certainly given life and an ability to thrive under her. Labour just continued with her policies.
  6. Free money for the drug companies! Its got to be worth a few directorships when theyre out of govt!
  7. No worries the French and Germans will back us up if it goes off over there They did let their people sponsor the IRA's murder of innocent Brits for years ... some would say 9/11 was Karma!
  8. Yes i love these rosette wearing Tories on here who denounce everything Labour did as completely useless (which it was) but subtly imply the Tory party are for something different, FFS Dave and the gang backed Gordons ludicrous spending policy and now do all they can to prop up the property market .... Lets face it the Torys whilst in power are just doing their best at spinning the plates until the next bunch of Etonians or Labour social climbers see them crash!
  9. The trend will go upwards as more shopping is done in the run up to Xmas.
  10. Of course drug and alcohol addiction are rife in these families, one of the mothers had all her teeth missing she was only 45ish, a definite sign of alcoholism! I dont know what the answer is, the whole situation is so far gone imo!
  11. We need less regulation for taxi driving to bring the prices down, itd create a huge jobs boom, and as they get to drive in bus lanes they must be good for the environment.
  12. Possibly women terrorists, who are tired of replacing sausage with cucumber!
  13. Id like to see the racial diversity of its presenters reflect that of the accounted for population of the UK as its clearly a racist policy. ie 9 out of 10 should be white! And that disabled lady on kids TV should wear a prosthetic arm, its just not right. Ive an artificial eye and itd be frightening for kids for me to go on TV without it in!
  14. I was speaking to a guy (husband of my misses friend) the other day who bought his council house for 26k many years ago and its now worth 385k so he tells me. I dont know what he does for a living but its some menial work at the council, the guy was harmless but not very bright. However for me to get what he has i could either work all the hours god sends aswell as getting my partner to do the same and even then i couldnt afford his council house. The alternative is to go on the sick or get a minimum wage part time job get myself on the council list and hey presto in a few years ive got a 385k council house. IMHO the latter option is the intelligent one, and wouldnt make one a lazy scrounger ... its just doing what is necessary to survive. PS Im leaving the country in 4 months so im not playing the system but good luck to anyone who does!
  15. So after your insults im supposed to reply to your intrusive questions. But the fact i am renting must tell you i think its a better idea then buying at overinflated prices.
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