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    44 years old, happily married for 23 years and two great kids. Obsessive interest in economics stemming from trying to find out why everything has gone to shit in the past few years.
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  1. Being lazy a little but I expect a few here will remember, what could a 0.5% base rate actually mean for a mortgage repayment per month on say a 200k loan? if not fixed rate obviously. If the trend is on the up, by how much would you estimate the rise to actually be from your friendly Bank/Lender?
  2. A naughty stick is the way to go these days unless you have a shotgun, don't rely to heavily on plod to coming to the rescue, there's more than likely only a handful covering the entire county at night. Good locks on doors and windows should pass the chav onto the next house or road, 12 stone Rotti's also serve the purpose.
  3. Keeping confidence in the bond market is the key, do what you have to maintain that, as you say, if there isnt enough willing money in the market write some cheques to yourself to cover it? I always look at QE etc as a last ditched quick fix no hope policy. How is the US ever going to make any headway with those figures when the whole country is the worlds consumer?
  4. I live in quite a remote area, we have been used to not locking doors and windows for years. About two years ago I had my workshop which is within the grounds nearly broken into, luckily I disturbed said chavs so they didn't manage to actually get in (broke the mortice lock and one of the hasp and staples) I was bloody livid for weeks, no interest whatsoever from plod even though I rang them immediately and said I had disturbed them so they wouldn't be far away, advice given was to ring again if they came back????. I sat behind a hedge for 3 hours with me naughty stick awaiting a return (wow I
  5. As I said earlier, divide wages by your house price in 2000 and today, see what the rise or fall is to you
  6. Why we pay any attention to the figures is beyond me? we all know inflation is way higher then they ever state, if they're using dodgy figures to make policy based on them how will that policy ever be the correct one.
  7. No your right, anything going up in price is inflationary but not all is measured by the figures, good job as well? we all might see a glimpse of the real world
  8. Divide the house price now by your wages and do the same in 2003, see what the difference is, inflation is good if your wages follow it, bloody bad if they don't. Big debt miraculously becomes little debt with Big inflation if your wages rise enough, I'm pretty sure house prices are not inflationary as such though? else we would have seen a UK Zimbabwe by 2006.
  9. hmmm no surprise there then? wonder how much the report cost to find out the blindingly obvious bit of a rush job
  10. Billion don't you mean? Canada's deficit is really really good
  11. Largish deposits are essential to prevent this happening, I can also see many with zero equity and nothing put down in the first place just walking away, a 2% rise in base rates will be catastrophic at the moment.
  12. Millions and millions of public sector workers worldwide, quadrillion dollar deficits,start warming up the presses now.
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