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  1. I'm very happy about this development, or rather, lack of it Been in RCT for 5 years now, still love it. Positives as mentioned before: very affordable housing with character, strong community, amazing countryside (cycling, walking, viewing, nature-ing), prices in the shops are looooow compared to other places in the UK, zero green-welly brigade (perhaps the best part of living here!!). There is one of these existing Persimmon-type developments just outside Ponty. The houses look very small, esp for £160k, or whatever it is they want for them. Imo they also *spoil* the landscape.. I like driving through the valleys and seeing the character of the area. I don't wanna see that type of estate. Great to know that this is at least one area that hopefully now won't be blighted. IRONIC that their spokesman is trying to make out like it's a bad thing.....and trying to make out that 'people will follow the housing down towards Cardiff'... Errr... Ya. Uni of Glamorgan looks strong to me. The road up to Aberdare - always always busy. Lots of life going on here, people going about their days looking fairly happy to be here with their 50-100k houses. Good mix of old and young people. Yeah, sure there are problemos here....as with anywhere....but bitter comments from Persimmon/Redrow about the valleys becoming 'no-go' areas. Shut the *bleep* up and go back to yer 4 bed *executive* cookie cutter, with 4 x 4 and Pruis on't drive, and sit on the M25 for 3-4 hours a day, every day. Enjoy!! And good riddance!!
  2. Oh there are plenty of qualified doctors out there who should not be practising... They need MORE supervision, not less. And again, if you're holding up the US model as 'the ideal'.....then we're all gonna be paying for pharma CEOs to live in their blingdoms. It's pharma who run the dr show in the US.
  3. One major flaw with your view.... Politicians do not run countries, global corps do. If you do not understand and accept that, you are lost. The politicians need to foist power back (via nationalisation), as their very first move. You see, *people* are greedy by nature. Those of us who have a conscience are luckily prevented from believing that the whole point of life is to amass as much *wealth* as possible. But there are many many sociopaths out there - mainly to be found at the helm of above mentioned corps. As for guns, revolutions, ya di ya....ffs.....grow up.
  4. My parents live in Lancs, in a house like this (slightly less run down area) and they love it - they enjoy what's called 'a community'. I live in a house like this in South Wales. Both areas have MUCH to offer in terms of quality of life and more importantly, great value for money, low costs and lack of....erm.....4 bed detached cardboard boxes with 2 x BMWs in the drive....and kids who wear polo shirts with the fing collars UP. WHAT is that about. Stop it at once if you do this.... It does not make you *posh* to wear your collars up on your polo shirt. IF you can get work in areas where there are terraces like this....(and there is work to be had, or as someone else said, form a start up - goodness, rural Lancs is not Orkney, you can get to highly populated cities quite quickly when you need to....), you do not have to kill yourself to service a 350k+ mortgage. Fools clamour for London and the south east... A person who is looking at taking on a mortgage of over....say....180k....anywhere in the UK....seriously needs their head testing. Enough of the BS about 'good' schools.... If your kid is gonna do well at school, it'll do well!! Enough of 'crime'.... London and the south east can be very scary places too... Enough of 'jobs'... If we are talking the well being of a nation, the quality of life that residents can get....jobs can be found, work can be found.... Salaries will never match London, but if your costs are significantly lower, bingo. Or is it the thing of....people want to be slaves to a massive mortgage just so that they can say 'I live in Surrey'. As I say, heads need to be tested if this is the case. Move 5 mins from an *upmarket* area of Surrey/London and you'll still be in a sh*thole, with crime and thugs, as cybernoid calls em..
  5. No, don't do that!!!! Piss your life away while you try to tick every possible ******** little box before you buy!!!! In the meantime, give thousands to a landlord so that you can live in 'one of those areas' and so you can believe that people won't think you're a chav. The house in question was built late 1900's. I saw a pic of it only. From that pic alone, I knew it was solid and built to survive a nuclear winter....however...the main drivers were the price and my lack of opportunity to go see it (I was in the US). I also knew zero of the neighbourhood - but on that note - I had faith that the people there would be exactly the same as the people in Surrey/Cowbridge/Hale etc....and hey ho, they were. One cannot be overly precious about these things...
  6. Move to the valleys, you'll feel 'rich' in no time!!!
  7. I agree, the plot is overpriced for sure... However... Your comments about 'depressing terraced houses'....what sort of houses should people be living in? Poxy new builds? Detached 4 bed cookie cutters? I live in a 'depressing terraced house' in a valley...and am so bloody thankful that I do - because I can afford it - with no bugger breathing down my neck - and I get to see greenery and countryside every which way. I don't live in a new build that I can't afford, I don't live in a cookie cutter just because I'm SCARED of doing something radical like....NOT loading myself up with a massive mortgage to live in an area with a 'nice reputation'. There's too much talk on here along the following lines: 'When will the prices in Surrey drop? When will the prices in Hale drop? When will the prices in Cowbridge drop?'. Anyone thinking along those lines is not really interested in prices dropping to a realistic level, they're interested in prices dropping for a year or so, while they jump in and give themselves the potential to earn some 'equity' when things ramp up again... There needs to be much more talk along the lines of f*ck those areas....let's not be sheep....let's organise something a little more radical and 'tolerate' some of the more *non-standard* areas in the UK. Money where your mouths are... And then maybe the lights will come on and people WILL stop clambering over themselves to buy in already popular regions of the UK... I feel safe in the valleys. I can blend in, I can drive a crap car, I can assume that my house looks like everyone else's and gives out the message 'nothing much in here to rob'. Also as far as 'depressing valleys' go: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/south-wales-news/rhondda/2012/11/22/neighbours-simply-the-best-91466-32271711/ I don't call that depressing. Ok, it's one story among hundreds of negative stories, but....it's a different spin from the usual. There IS more to a home than being able to say to all the sheep 'I'm in!!!!!'. No way on the plot though....price wise.
  8. As an aside to the Welsh language debate (which personally, I've never had any kind of hassles with) what I sometimes find *interesting* is the way the valleys are spoken of..... It's as though they are a million miles away from Cardiff, when actually, they're not. By train it's a relatively short, un-sardined, very pretty commute....by car....relatively short non-traffic laden commute. I really don't get what the big deal is, and WHY people have to sort of....unwittingly (sometimes) speak of 'the valleys' as though they're in the back of beyond... When I got here I was like 'Bloody great!! No time to Cardiff, no time to the coast, cheap as chips housing, low prices in the shops, no hideous queues anywhere really....'. As for the profile of the population between Rhondda and Cardiff.....I'm not seeing a lot of difference!! House price difference.....WTF!!! Total mugs game....
  9. FFS.... Read the experiences posted in the thread man - experiences of people who actually live here in Wales. I'm originally Manc. Spent most of my years in the south east, Surrey/Sussex. Found the lifestyle there to be soul destroying. Bought at auction on a whim, moved to Blaenau Ffestiniog....found the lifestyle there to be a breath of fresh air....sold 3 years later at 80k over the 60k I paid. Bought in Rhondda. Found the lifestyle here to also be a breath of fresh air, for reasons already stated. You know....for their to be a true housepricecrash, money needs to be put where ones mouth is. So, get OUT of the 'the-sheeple-say-this-is-a-*posh*-place-to-live'....and get very radical. If enough people say NO to these jumped up high priced places, the price will drop. A little story of you... My (ex) neighbour here in Rhondda is 23. He has a girlfriend and baby and works full time in a factory. He has just moved out of next doors and bought himself his own house, a small 2 bed stone cottage with a garden...for not a lot of money. It's within his budget. It's a HOME. Contrast that with the fools who are still at home at the age of 30.40.....trying to save a deposit for a house they can't afford....just because popular opinion is that *this* area to ok, and *this* area isn't ok. When my neighbour moved to his own house, I was so bloody chuffed for him and his little family. Also - lets have a little *look* at these supposed desirable areas shall we......just forgetting about the insane house prices for a while.... Where I used to live, in a village called Ifold.....yeah nice....but then you've got Billingshurst.....also chav central. Further out Crawley....hideous. Croydon, hideous. Worthing, Littlehampton.... Back in towards London you've got Camberley....not nice. Woking, not that nice.... Lots of chavs....lots of crime, drugs and so on.......farrrrr less scenic than the valleys.... The schools ain't all that either.... Let's go up to Manc. I lived in a place called Wythenshawe (google crime stats) til I was 18 and managed to miraculously get myself a place at Aber Uni.... Wythenshawe, right next to Hale - which has a 'this is where posh people live' reputation.... I wouldn't live in Hale if someone paid me.... Back down to London - no crime or scary folk there then.... As I've said previously, the people in both north and south Wales, where I have experience of living....they've been superb. Yeah, there are many, many problems in these communities....but I'd take this lot over the *neighbours* I had in Sussex....any day. You want prices to stay high in certain regions? Carry on putting alternative places down.
  10. I spent my time on the Surrey Sussex border near Cranleigh, when I was in the south... Nice down there of course, but you need upwards of 300k to house yourself in a shoebox. Also, for all its 4x4's, porsches and BMW's, beauty salons and horse riding, there was always something missing.....earthiness I think.......and friendliness. Down there it's all always about what you've got, which prep school your kid's going to, what your salary is...etc etc.... I couldn't live like that any more....that's not quality of life, it's being on a hamster wheel. Being mortgage free, able to look out at greenery, getting a TON of reduced fruit and veg in Morrisons every sunday (cos hardly anyone here is interested in it), having people chat to you for no apparent reason (and NOT mention salary or what you or your husband do for a living), it's all about that for me. You can park your car when you go out on a saturday - nigh on impossible in Guildford... You can get a seat on a train or a bus.... I got the bus and train into Cardiff the other day - no sardinesville.... That's not to say that people in Rhondda don't have problems.....hell no....lots of problems.....and a fair bit of rain Also, I don't have a kid at school here, so no idea what the schools are like.... But for me, this place fits my criteria pretty much perfectly. 4 bed house, £52k....not too shabby. Ffestiniog was the same...only even more spectacular scenery. As for architecture.....if you're not paying 300-400k for your house....you've got plenty of cash to travel the world and take in architecture.... Saying that though, there's still a lot of interesting architecture in Wales...even the run down (massive!!) Victorian social clubs here....they have a story. Nah, keep your massive rents and mortgages.....and traffic jams, and all the other crap. I'd rather live in a cowshed than go through all that again.... Jo
  11. Hi - we moved from West Sussex to Blaenau Ffestiniog in 2004. We bought a house at auction that we hadn't even seen. Every aspect of the move turned out great! The house was lovely, the people were lovely, scenery fantastic. We didn't have one issue with neighbours and the *Welshness* of the location just added to its charm to be honest. We stayed there for 3 years and sold well. I would recommend the area to anyone. It has its issues yes, but....for 'quality of life'....imo you cannot beat living in an area that has character...and scenery...even if the average income in the area is low. Since then we've bought a place in Rhondda. Again, the location is stunning, the people are extremely friendly, to the point where honestly, it does almost take my breath away (after living in the South East for many years). The house is characterful. We've had no hassles whatsoever...although the area does have a *bad* reputation. What IS great about it is - no mortgage, scenery (again), and a weird thing...that is difficult to explain....the 'atmosphere' of the place....very, very down to earth...and I like that. We could have stayed in West Sussex and spent 400,000k on a 3 bed, and had a whacking big mortgage, but instead we spent 60k in the first instance and 52k in the second, on places that are...quite frankly...fabulous for our needs (albeit, requiring work). All the talk on here of Hale, Cheshire...and Mumbles...and the South East....and so on.... I really do not know why people do it to themselves.....shunning areas that can offer so much more are available at a snip of the price.... Ok, yeah, I admit, I'm rather radical when it comes to locations....but one thing I do not miss is the 'snobbish' attitudes to be found in aforementioned places. We've had builders in, and all kinds of other tradespeople.....all have been well priced, friendly, helpful....*present* (and not spoiled for work).... Prices in local shops are fab.... Love it! My advice....if you don't care what OTHER people think of where you live (and most people DO care about that...).....go for somewhere fairly radical. North Wales is fine...the thing about the north being unfriendly is a load of b*llocks. I'm from Manc, grew up there....now there was an relatively ufriendly place! Good luck! Jo
  12. Hi HPC, newbie here. I'm after some info and wondered whether any of you guys might be able to help. Here are the tedious details... Husband and I own a company that's 22 years old and going strong. We own our own home outright, albeit, it's of lowish value (100k max). I have no debt and no credit cards - and have never owned either in all of my 40+ years. Husband has a couple of cards. We have seen a small commercial property that we would like to buy, to run our business from. Currently, we rent our work premises. The property was on an auction and didn't sell. Problem is, we are roughly 25k short of what the auctioneer has advised us would be an acceptable offer. We would like to go back to the seller next week with a cash offer - so this weekend, we are looking for ways of raising the shortfall of 25k. Relatives and savings etc are all maxed out to get us to where we currently are with what we can offer. I found a site called zopa, P2P lending. I was declined. Feedback from zopa is kinda pointing to the fact that I don't really have much of a credit history....which is true. My question is: are there are any P2P lending options out there for people like myself...people who have been really careful with their money and haven't turned to credit as a general lifestyle choice? Thanks in advance, Jo.
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