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  1. I think this may also be a large part of the problem, not many people actually use the garage to store a car in. Normally full of bikes, lawnmowers and other rubbish.
  2. Sounds like a clued up and switched on investor...
  3. I think it was changed to 2million, but I could well be wrong - typically am. ...wonders off to have a look....
  4. Fantastic post, thank you for taking the time.
  5. An interesting flow chart looking into the spending power and distribution of the US dollar / economy. http://xkcd.com/980/huge/#x=-6864&y=-4352&z=2
  6. Its been on for a while and is currently listed with another agent, Stonhills I think. I know the road, but don't remember seeing the house there, still not a road I would want to live next to.
  7. Been reading for a while now, I think it has saved me from a few mistakes... Still waiting for the crash though.
  8. HI all, first time post, but I have been reading for a while now. Right I'm a First time Buyer and have been looking for around four months or so now, but no real hurry to move, I'm happy to see where the markets end up. Having viewed a few properties for around the £125,000 mark with the view to offer at around £100,000 mark. Well, I have found a house that fits my criteria, but I'm now very confused if the property is actually a freehold house or a leasehold flat. The estate agent has described it as a Coach House, but it is fundamentally a 2 bed flat above a row of garages. One of the
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