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  1. Im trying to view a house thats priced at ratable value. What % below should i offer as i feel its good value as it is but would like it for a bit less. Thanks
  2. Ive been trying for about 2 weeks to get a veiwing of a property being sold by Wilsons auctions. Its in their private treaty section, house is in Lisburn. Every time i call the girls who answer the phone say the agents are out on call or are bizzy or are only there on a Monday or Friday, so i leave my name 2 contact numbers and a request to view the house. Atleast 10 calls over 2 weeks and they have yet to return my calls. Anyone had any dealings with them? Anyway around them to contact the owner direct? I think the house is a repo but there is no seller details? Thanks for any help...TheBurn
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