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  1. My mouth literally fell open when I saw that one yesterday. It's worth 300K tops. Methinks the market is bubbling up and heading for another nasty fall when interest rates finally start rising again.
  2. Jacksons certainly seem more proactive - they actually bother responding to emails for starters!!! But I'll stop now with the EA lovefest. This is HPC after all!! Good to hear that there's more coming on in your price bracket. But you draw a search round Heaver on rightmove, view properties...then remove all those above 400K and *vamoosh* nearly everything's gone. No one bedders. Nuthin.
  3. Is it really true in this internet age that certain agents have more buyers on their books then others? I might have been stupid, but at the start of my search I just signed up with all of the ones who I knew to be selling in the Sw12/17 area - and that's about 10. Yes, I made sure to sign with Jacksons as they seem to sell quite a few on Hydefarm, but not to sign up with all the rest seems a bit silly. Also, who actually keeps an eye on individual agent's websites these days? First port of call is always Findaproperty. I only ever check an agent's site these days for more up to date info
  4. Yeah, i don't really want to get into personalities and people, for obvious reasons, but Jacksons seem quite decent. I find KFH OK as well. At my end of the market, it's the agencies on the periphery of the area who normally deal in "top quality" homes that I find difficult - sky high valuations etc Am praying for a few rate rises this summer, just to flush out some more stock, at decent prices, or to break a few chains which need a FTBer at short notice (and even shorter purse strings!!) to step in. It's a waiting game.
  5. This is true. We spend, what, 10 minutes looking round a place that takes 25+ years to pay off - egged on all the time by an agent who is acting on behalf of the vendor, not you. No wonder people make purchases before they know the full facts. The other problem is that "catchments" aren't an exact science anyway - and other issues come into play. So I guess an agent can legitimately hint or suggest that being "near" a school helps the chances of getting in.
  6. I don't really keep track of anything above 400K, but 499K for a two bedder, even in Heaver, sounds horrendously expensive. the problem is, Heaver (the agents) never even bother putting floorplans online, so it's difficult to tell what you're actually getting for that price. But if you say that 499K has been the going rate for something like that, I'll take your word for it. Does seem crazy though. What do you mean by A Grade and B Grade? Or are those your own personal categories?
  7. Yeah, tube access is important for me. I gave up on cheaper Clapham North, knowing that I'd probably never get on the tube in the morning and have to traipse over to Brixton every day. Also, interesting news re: school catchment area. I don't have kids and probably wont have them, so that doesn't affect me. But if it means certain properties or even entire roads on Hydefarm suddenly become cheaper, then great. Although it's swings and roundabouts, I guess, as that will also impact re-sale value. So can I assume that "East Hydefarm" roads are currently in HC catchment, but will no longer
  8. Btw, I should say that I don't know Balham that well anymore, having lived there over 10 years ago, when a 2 bedder on Heaver could be had for 80 grand! The high street was all Woolies and Wetherspoons. Not a Waitrose in sight. But while there might be a load more coffee shops there, has the area really improved in 10 years? All I know for certain is that the housing stock has aged by 10 years....and more than tripled in price!! Nuts. Still, Balham has its charms, or I wouldn't be looking there. Certainly more appealing than Clapham. Although by contrast to Balham, "Clapham" covers su
  9. Sorry yes, the 900 footers - both ground and first floor - all come with gardens split down the middle. This one being a current example: http://www.foxtons.co.uk/search?property_id=764295&search_form=map&search_type=SS&submit_type=search I don't know Balham that well - don't live there at the moment - but I'd guess a lot of the maisonettes are like that? Are there any GF maisonettes, partic on Hydefarm, that own all the garden? If so, that's potentially good news for me, cos I'm happier without a garden on the first floor. What does having a garden add to the price tag, wou
  10. Thanks for the reply Aaron. I don't think we're in the same market. Am definitely not in the 400K+ market, and am reluctant to go much above 350K, if I'm being honest. Not that I can't afford to stretch to get to those prices right now. I just don't want to be saddled with a mega mortgage when interest rates do finally start approaching normality. There are a few 900 ft maisonettes on Fieldhouse Rd right now, which are around the 400K mark. Are these no good for you? There as big as you'll get on Hydefarm. If only they were 30-40K cheaper, I'd be tempted. Re: Heaver estate, there is
  11. Long time lurker here. Thought I'd add my initial thoughts / observations re: SW12 and Hydefarm. Put me down as one more potential competitor for a 2 bed maisonette at the "lower" end of the market, eg under 400k. Only in London would someone with a budget of 3-400K be "lower end". Just goes to show how the bubble has devalued money. I have a thing about noise (am committed suburbanite) so Hydefarm seems to offer a bit of suburban quiet, while being close-ish to London. I'm also guessing maisonettes offer better noise protection from clomper/stompers above and below you? At least that's
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