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  1. Trying to be positive https://www.rics.org/Global/12._WEB_ December_2017_RICS_UK_Residential_Market_Survey_tp.pdf Simon Aldous MRICS, London, Savills, 02070163861, savills. co.uk, [email protected] - House prices across prime London continue to fall. In the central market, there are signs that values may be bottoming out having seen 3 years of falls however London and SE looks beat John Frost MRICS, Gerrards Cross, The Frost Partnership, 01494 680909, frostweb.co.uk, [email protected] co.uk - The market supply of stock has very little moves of aspiration. Those that exist are priced too high. The quality and quantity of stock is not sustainable for the curent number of agents in the second hand market
  2. Sorry dugsbody should have read all other areas around seem to struggle except the houses and areas I want
  3. Exactly the same here Barnsey - been looking at Thames Ditton/east Molesey for last 6months and everything I want sells for ridiculous money - really hoping the new year brings some lower prices as str in may and really sick of worrying about moving again as keep getting 6months let’s with landlords trying to sell at a cheaper rate
  4. I'm looking London and south east - seem very downbeat
  5. Are all the Surveyors on holiday ?? normally loads more comments - obvs not busy doing anything else
  6. The link is for last months report - it would seem the new report hasn't be put out yet
  7. http://www.chiswickw4.com/default.asp?section=property&page=stats1705.htm http://www.fulhamsw6.com/default.asp?section=property&page=stats1705.htm
  8. Evening standard Photo 1 of 1. Click to View. Much is made of the human impact of high and rising accomodation costs - be they deflated aspirations, increasingly austere lifestyles or people being forced to move out of home towns and cities. Yet the wider economic impact is also important, especially as the UK's relative competitiveness in the world is in question. Money spent on accommodation (either as rent or mortgage payments) is generally not money entering the 'real economy'. This reduction in spending power hits consumption, and has a deflationary impact on the economy - hitting jobs and tax revenues and reducing the quality of life for everybody. This is not the end of the story. The national obsession with property investment also serves to deflect enormous volumes of capital away from other forms of investment - such as into British companies and new business ventures, engines of job creation. This is further compounded by the fact that higher living costs make getting new businesses off the ground all that much harder. After all, the first salary a budding entrepreneur has to pay is to him- or herself. Property speculation - especially buy-to-let - has undoubtedly inflated house prices beyond natural supply-and-demand dynamics. And it's hard to fault the speculators, who have done very well out it, except for the fact that many of them have trapped themselves into financial arrangements premised on price increases (interest-only mortgages, anyone?). This issue is systemic, and only the politicians have the power to tackle it. Some of the solutions, such as a considerably increased focus on developing the UK's regional economies, shouldn't be contentious. But others, such as measures to curb speculatory behaviour, are distinctly unpalatable batons for any politician to carry. Although the UK needs courageous government more than ever, the current febrile environment provides little cause for optimism.
  9. It seems this has been planned for a long time, all building sites around me (west london) are all just about finishing - i was thinking for the past 6months that there seem to be loads of new builds and who will buy them - now its obvious they had a agreement in place with goverment
  10. The Bank is currently engaged in a £275bn programme of UK government debt purchases - something that is expected to come to an end in February next year. It is designed to put more cash into the UK financial system, to reduce long-term borrowing costs, and to push up the value of assets such as shares and house prices. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-15888358
  11. http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/283205/Why-it-pays-to-live-in-a-market-town
  12. or not so clever - how do you edit a previous post
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b016p4xc/The_Politics_Show_London_06_11_2011/ from 50min 20sec - clearly says too expensive
  14. Thanks - ive been waiting for it to appear on iplayer so i can post it but for some reason bbc wont put it online
  15. 1st post long time lurcher - been feeling bit dispondant all houses been looking at have gone stc recently Just seen a interview with Shapps on Politics show saying prices are far too expensive and that too much of monthly outgoings is spent on housing Anyone else see it??
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