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  1. Vman7, did you get anywhere with your intentions to invest? Do you have any resources at hand to explore the market further from sitting in the UK. e.g. what are the best turkish property websites? names of reliable property companies etc? I am also interested in a potential future property investment (buy to let) in Istanbul, as the Turkish economy continues to grow stronger.
  2. Thanks guys, the response so far has been very insightful If we move there, then my other half will most likely be working in central Manchester or Stockport. I think if I go for a village option, it would be alright so long as it is not too far from the city (ie. manchester and stockport). Branching out towards buxton areas would not be comfortable, given our outgoing nature. We would like to be within comfortable driving distance of the city of Manchester, so we have access to the joys of the city. Didsbury would have been our ideal choice, because it ticks all the boxes except my dreadf
  3. Not sure about Sheffield mate. In my view after London, Manchester is the most vibrant city. Birmingham a close third. Sheffield a distant dreamer. My attachment to Manchester comes from my student days. I haven't been back since but have kept an eye on developments, the city has progressed and it seems like the a good place to buy a first property. The commute is a real pain. Like I said to the other poster, I would be happy with a 1hr 20 minute commute but beyond that I would consider a pain. These early signs of the A6 and A623 are not looking promising. Other than Manchester/Stockport
  4. I have had a look at houses online and done some research into the various postcodes. It appears aside from the wilmslow and cheadle hulme side, the other postcodes look good. I have an interest in the Hazel Grove area. We are both 27 years old. No kids. Outgoing people. Didsbury would be ideal but it is far too expensive, nothing decent below 200k and it would make the commute a misery. I have considered Sheffield but I am biased towards Manchester because I went to University there.
  5. Thanks for the insight into the A6. I would be happy with an hour journey each way. Beyond 1 hour 20 mins would be a pain.
  6. I haven't yet done the trial run. I intend to do it in the coming weeks. Is the A6 a nightmare? The run to chesterfield is not overly reliant on the A6 though according to google maps. It is 14 miles on the A6 and then the remaining 25 miles on the A623. Tell me more about the A6? Am I heading for a nightmare. Oh God.
  7. Not at all. Though the site title implies negativity by nature, I am hopeful of an economic recovery. Post five years I do hope to see a rise in property values from what they are now. Perhaps the word "substantial" is misplaced! My apologies.
  8. Hi, I am a young professional (with a partner) on the look for a nice 2/3 bedroom house (preferably semi detached), with a view to buy towards the end of 2011. My budget is 150K. I am not from the North West but have always been fond of the Manchester region. I have chosen Stockport, primarily because I hear it is a nice place to live and it is conveniently situated close to the A6 / A623. I will be commuting from Stockport to Chesterfield on a daily basis (40 miles), which is why I need to be around that side of Manchester, as opposed to the north side. Q1) Could you please advise as to wh
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