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  1. Thanks for the advice. No, I didn't go in and see the FA. I arranged it myself through the bank. I have used their conveyancers though. EA actually seems ok about it all and hasn't tried to push their FA once I said the bank mortgage was already sorted. They have though more thna 48 hours later still not taken it off their website so I think I shoudl give them a call on Monday morning!
  2. Haha...........Thanks for the advice. Really useful. I wrote back and told the EA that we couldn't do 250k + 5k for fittings as we need that money to modernise the house. EA contacted me 1 hour later "Good news, after a long chat, I have convinced the vendors to take 250k and no fees from you" (why, thank you. where is cap to doth?) Now they want me to go in on Saturday and see their FA to see if he can get me a "better" deal for the mortgage. Kind of feel obliged to in a sense to prove I have the financial clout but the other half of me feels like blowing it out. I've got better things to
  3. Sorry, it was "The owner want 255k but to do this you will have to pay 250k plus our fee 4000 and 1000 for fixtures and fittings. That way you can avoid the stamp duty!
  4. All very true. Actually, he's just called again (2nd time today). "I've spoken to the vendors and although they are really disappointed they are willing to take £255k" So we are actually right back where we started at the beginning!
  5. Ok, fair point but I meant more from the point of view that he will just cut us out of the picture simply out of sheer spite.
  6. Thanks for all this. It's really useful to know. I'm kind of tempted to drop a note through the seller's door to check they have received the offer! Won't the EA be really narked if they find out I have "gone behind their back" so to speak?
  7. Told the EA today that as we have nothing concrete to work on, we can't increase the offer at this stage. EA wrote back saying "When I spoke to the vendor on Saturday, I said he might need to think about £250k" "Saturday" I thought. How about MONDAY when I put the bloody offer in why not mention it to him then (unless of course the offer was never conveyed to him)! Now the EA is saying"I'm not pushy but..............this Saturday we have two viewings booked in. One is somebody who has a house to sell (unlike us) the other is a very keen chain free buyer with a big cash deposit (funnily eno
  8. Thanks for the advice. Yes, we know it's not the best time to buy probably but my wife is going back to study in September so our joint 70k income based on permanent jobs will go down to one 45k income and any part-time work my wife does which can't be used probably to guarantee a mortgage. This won't be an issue in the sense that I can pay a £200k mortgage on my salary and also have savings for any lean months. Also we live in London Zone 4 so for the time being things are slightly different to the rest of the country. Thanks for the advice
  9. Second viewed a place on Saturday and decided we liked it but location wise it's a bit further from the station than we'd ideally like but it has come down from £280k to £270k and EA reckoned that she could persuade the owner to take £250k but WE'D have to pay the EA's comission rather than the vendor. Anyway after reading the good advice on this forum, we offered £240k on Monday morning in writing. EA said "I'll convey the offer but I know he'll reject it! A slightly inferior property sold for £250k nearby. She reckons that she can know persuade him to take £250k and HE'LL pay the EA comiss
  10. This is all very interesting. I actually got told off by an EA last week Have been looking at a few properties with an estate agent for the past few months. Recently I have been busy at work and could never reply to the EA's call asking for feedback on the viewings. Always mean to but after finishing work it slipped my mind. Anyway, I phoned up about viewing another property and was told off by the EA who accused me of being discourteous because I never gave feedback after the viewings. I explained my long hours etc during the week and that it's not always easy to talk on the phone during
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