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  1. Nice calculations. Although I think 80% occupancy is a bit on the high side. Anecdotally things were very quiet the past years and trending downwards.
  2. I don't think it needs anything more to bring prices down, just a little time. Even with low interest rates, many people are on the edge of financial ruin, holding on by their fingernails. When are the public sector cuts starting? Not much of a private sector around here! We also have a large proportion of second homes coming onto the market. These are often no chain and desperate for the cash sales, which should help to bring the averages down
  3. Well in that case, all I can say is; Croeso i Gymru We like your kind of people up here
  4. Same up here denial, verging on panic. Plenty of cognitive dissonance with aggression rising Asking prices on Rightmove, as viewed with Property Bee, are dropping fast now. Very few sales going through, mostly at the bottom end of the market and at good reductions on asking As good as nothing selling in that 200 years of supply at the top end
  5. That's a bit generous! Only ten years ago, £10k used to buy you a 2 bed terrace.
  6. I'm Gog watching! An almost 50% crash in asking price Overpriced! A very desirable area, almost as sought after as Mumbles Many more like this appearing, if you know the history. If only Property Bee could track re-listings. A couple of examples! 2007 asking price was £525,000 now asking £220,000 and not yet selling! 2006 asking of £550,000,recently sold at auction for 300,000
  7. In collapse or war, there is profit to be made. Where in your preferred scenario, of peak debt equilibrium, do you foresee similar opportunities? People being people and all that
  8. Brilliant, with you 100% Any chance you would like to post the whole lot over at this place, http://www.estateagenttoday.co.uk/news_features/Chink-of-light-after-monthly-transactions-fall-10-000-in-a-year they get really excited by this sort of thing
  9. Isle of Anglesey - sinking fast! 1st place = 40% http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/property/isle-of-anglesey/?q=Isle%20of%20Anglesey&results_sort=most_reduced&pn=1
  10. Brilliant, especially the finish to the show. Thank you.
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