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  1. LOL that is brilliant as the systems would have been worthless in abouut 5-7 years I used to work in IT and was in charge of a project to install two SQL Servers in a bank in London. these were to do all the data crunching for a large offshore banking database called GLAS. this type of stuff was usually done on AS400 s and minis and mainframes with serious operating systems. they tried to do it on compaq rack servers running nt 4 which looked impressive to us all . i remember we couldnt figure out why it was taking days to process the data instead of 12 hours, i got the blame , the proje
  2. interesting point. what about all the estate agents advertising like crazy ? if what they are selling is overpriced then no advertising budget will shift it. also if consumers stop spending then surely advertising will not persuade them back only sales will.
  3. here is another tip i discovered myself.. if you are baking potatoes and it takes an hour to cook them switch the oven off after half an hour and they continue to bake as the oven cools down, you get twice as much energy for your buck. this works with any food cooked in the oven. it makes perfect sense as your oven continues togive out lots of heat after you switch it off which ie usually simply wasted.
  4. youve got that banal cliche the wrong way around . it was thats how i remember it anyhows.
  5. and i thought i was cynical !! I want to avoid the coming war with Iran I dont want it to happen. how does flu kil you anyway ?
  6. paternity leave was invented by Mussolini BTW in order to encourage the breeding of workers and soldiers, he also imposed a bachelor tax on unmarried men over a certain age (25 i think) which is better i suppose than New Labour trying to stigmatise them as social threats.
  7. I do indeed Sarah hence a major conflict if they are not careful.
  8. you are probably right. although i do believe the tories would not have been as extreme in many areas as Labour. Labour's social agenda has been breathtakingly Orwellian and I doubt the Tories would have spared the cash for all the extra nannies, social workers cops and jobsworths required to run a nascent totalitarian state. the good thing about the Tories is that they are stingy buggers. They might well want to implement a police state and lock everyone up but it is too damn expensive, Labour like their Chinese Communist counterparts will spare no expense to mould the state in their like
  9. i voted for the party i dislike the least, i dislike the tories about 70 % and i dislike labour about 100 % i dislike the lib dems about 50 % so i vote for them. lib dems are anti-war , pro PR and pro-renewable energy and those are my top 3 priorities so i would be foolish not to vote for them. democracy is about a lot more than simply voting once in a blue moon, i also agitate against the war and against HPI and against our absurd energy policy and against our electoral system with everyone i meet. i am a 4 or 5 issues politician :-)
  10. and i get the feeling you think its ok for us to be completely irresponsible with our energy policy because we know we can always strong arm our way to the resources we need no matter what misery it causes eg IRAQ this short sighteeness on our behalf wil lead to WW3 . its nothing to do with islamic fundasmentalism its all about our selfish, greedy and foolish energy policy.
  11. Better than canada , holland , denmark . iceland , etc etc you really believe that after all BLAIR has done to prove to you its a sham ?
  12. US is worse, here is getting like the US. Do you know that the Labour Party agreed not to change their policy on the Euro without first consulting Murdoch, but of course , we live in the best democracy in the world.
  13. ill give you a chance to edit that as it makes you look silly. if you realise just how stupid that post was and edit it ill edit mine too to spare your blushes., ill give you 5 minutes. 4 mins 30 secs ive helped you out a little.
  14. interesting you should chose history as your battle ground. do you believe if we had a vibrant healthy democracy that we would have went to war against Iraq on a dossier of lies ? do you think if we had a real democracy we would be allowing innocent men to be tortured in Uzbekistan with the aid of M16 ? would a real democracy allow Tony Blair to dictate the timing of the last election ? perhaps its those violent scandanavians with their fiendish PR systems and expensive beer. not to mention their cold climate.
  15. a lot, but it isnt going to happen. they are hooked into this gas thing just when it is running out in the North Sea, this means sanctions against Iran to make sure they only sell to the west at a price the west dictates. simple economics really. its almost Marxist. Iran has gas, they dont really need it. we need it for heat and light, Iran will try and sell it to the west at ever higher prices and will play the west off against china to get higher prices, the west says stuff this . we arent paying those prices, time to exercise the marxist dictum "FROM THOSE ACCOPRDING TO THEIR ABILITY
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