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  1. Yeh it is just a speeding the whole process up a bit. The thing is that traditional breeding still has the best success rate as there are so many mechanisms that we still don't understand so the transfer of a single gene often results in a plant that has significantly reduced growth or some other non-beneficial trait. However, by producing these mutants it allows us to study these plants and see how changes in a solitary gene can affect other genes and pathways.
  2. Yeh that's true. In low co2 conditions plants do badly as the enzyme that that binds co2 binds o2(oxygen) instead. This is because the carbon part is needed to produced sugars that the plant uses to grow. This mechanism is a big area that plant biologists are currently working on. They are trying to use a co2 concentrating mechanism to increase co2 levels in the plant which, if they can get it to work, will give us the boost in yields that we're searching for. Mind you, imho i don't think the whole world has a shortage of food itself just an inability to distribute it,
  3. Plant biologist here. A large proportion of GM work goes into improving resistance to abiotic factors such as drought, understanding the plant stress response as well as trying to increase yields through the identification of crop lines that are able to produce more crop in the weather conditions we expect to see in the future i.e increased temperature, higher CO2 and reduced rainfall. After testing, plants that show desirable characteristics are analyzed and the the gene can be transferred to another plant in an aim to improve the trait even further. Interestingly, a lot of plant biologists disagree strongly with what Monsanto do but there you go Feel free to ask any questions.
  4. First one of these i've ever read and the facts don't seem to echo what is portrayed in the media In general house prices stable or falling and this is before inflation is taken into account. Sales of £1,000,000 + properties up 50 % and London up in general which skews the rest of the data set i would have thought. If this is all 0.5% i.r's can achieve along with all the bloody daft schemes then it truly is on a knife edge.
  5. Spot on and don't forget that after 6 months you can't claim jsa. I expect these people are also removed from the figures.
  6. It's a gamble which may or may not pay off financially. Personally the whole thing just sounds like a total headache. Yes you're getting a good return on paper but what about voids, unsavoury tenants and worst of all, spivvy estate agents. None of us are here forever and I wouldn't want to spend year after year worrying about this sort of stuff. However, if you arent a person that is easily bothered by such things then it may be for you. Good luck whatever you decided.
  7. Harwich and its sister dovercourt are in competition with great yarmouth as the most deprived areas of the country. If you like the mad max movies then this place is for you.
  8. You obviously missed the TV article a few years back when he was accused of letting children (under 18 from my fading memory) use his sunbeds at his health centers. The concern was the risk of Cancer from their use. Of course he totally denied that sunbeds or UV light had any link to cancer whatsoever. full story here: http://whatconsumer.co.uk/forum/consumer-rights-television-programmes/7139-bbc-watchdog-should-sunbeds-have-age-restriction.html
  9. Agreed. One thing i've learnt is that you can't beat the system but you can play the system. Sadly, you don't win any prizes for doing the right thing nonwadays. Best of luck to you all.
  10. Wow that gas fire takes me straight back to the 70's.
  11. £350 a week for a single adult which i expect is take home pay. So would i be correct in saying if you earn less than ~£15 an hour you might as well not bother and just go on benefits.
  12. I sent an email to Douglas Carswell (conservative/Harwich constituency) asking his opinions on high house prices and whether this helps or hinders the economy. Give credit to the bloke, he replied and said that high house prices do hinder the economy and economic investment due to the high cost of living. Mind you, he never said what should be done about it. I did contact him in 2007 about people borrowing too much and he said then that its wrong to limit lending to individuals. Not sure what to make of him to be honest. I did think that i'd email him back but is this just a wasted exercise ?
  13. None of these ipads are locked down and the kids spend the whole time playing games and perusing the interwebs. I know this because a friends daughter goes to this school. However, the kids thinks its brilliant and to be honest i'm only jealous because when i was at school we had one BBC computer between the whole school.
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