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  1. You get used to it. I'm an all weather's all year round cyclist, have been out in some truly horrendous weather and it's fine. Character building. Just get decent clothes and proper mudguards. I used waterproof socks and assume I have to change everything when I get to the office. Don't need to bother with a shower if you keep to a leasurely pace and don't build up a sweat. I'd recommend the quite route. I used to play with traffic, it's fun for a while but life's too short and its less stressful off the main roads.
  2. I know this road. Came quite close to buying a couple of shit flats just round the corner. 400k is adventurous, especially how cramped a block of 30 will be on that site compared to what else is around. Unfortunately on current pricing they would still fetch nearer 400 than 200 around there, but that does assume we maintain lasts years pricing. 1.3m for those houses is completely why they failed to sell. Even in the conservation area proper which these aren't that would get you a nice leafy half acre plot with plenty of space. Can't wait till the London money dries up and idiots like this stop trying to cash in.
  3. Surprised to see no mention of India's current demonetisation in this thread? I'm there on holiday and it's a rather interesting situation - card is quite definitely king here right now. With vast sums of paper having been removed from the system there's a huge shortage of notes everywhere - most of the currency exchangers can't, most of the ATMs are shut and the few which are open and stocked have strict limits per transaction. The first challenge is getting hold of any cash whatsoever, and the next is trying to convert it to smaller notes that you an actually use as hardly anyone has any change.
  4. Beales aswell: http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/14380815.UPDATED__Beales_wins_backing_for_move_to_slash_rents_and_avoid_administration/ Didn't realise they had so many stores, with 30 that's nearly as many as BHS.
  5. 4. Washing machines. Other countries have laundry rooms or the building regs allow them to go in the bathrooms, so the noise can be shut off when you're trying to watch TV.
  6. Well yes, the above is how things actually work. Unfortunately this isn't how lots of people think it works, none of them care to look at anything other than what loan they can persuade the bank to lend them. I've tried explain the whole relative thing and just been told that I don't know what I'm talking about because I'm ignoring the increase in equity. This is how they think: Target home: 200000 Current property: 100000 Mortgage: 85000 Equity: 15000 Current LTV: 85% LTV in target home 93% The assumption is that 85% LTV is allowed by the banks, 93% isn't. Hence they buy the 100,000 hutch and hope prices increase, because... (prices double) Target home: 400000 Current house: 200000 Mortgage: 85000 Equity: 115000 Current LTV: 58% LTV in target home: 71% Now the LTV on the home they'd like is only 71%, and stuck in a 2006 mindset the belief is that the bank will lend against that, allowing them to trade up in a way they couldn't before. We'll just ignore monthly repayments, income ratios and total amount repayable because they're just trivial details we don't have to worry about.
  7. Was 2010 aswell, just noticed my memory of the rate was a little out. I was earning in £ which stung and reluctant to transfer any savings over to buy a car and everyone there was quick to tell me it won't get any better anytime soon. Turns out they were right, well in the short term atleast.
  8. Quite. Back when I was there the gloating about how Australia was untouchable and how the UK was toast was quite unbearable - this was back when it was down to nearly AU$1.40 to the £. I'd try and mention wait till China drops off and was just told, nah, not a problem, never going to happen. Ok, took quite a bit longer than I expected but hey. Perth will be interesting I think. The prices pretty near tripled between 2002 and 2006, and nobody I spoke to there saw this as atall strange and fully expected it would happen again.
  9. I love this inclusion. It's the standard "But fear not, investors. As you've bought in The Right Location your Canny Investment will be immune from these falls". I lived in Perth for about a year a few years ago - I thought I had a handle on all the crap suburbs (which is pretty much all of them), but I had to look these up. Turns out they were gazetted only in 2011. Given the time it takes for the ground to be levelled and anything to be actually built, these numbers are purely dependant on someone doing all that, selling pretty much straight away, and then it being flipped again not long after. So statistically significant then. I'm sure they could also find some areas with -20% if they looked hard enough...
  10. The same type of ticket in the UK, similarly restricted to non-residents, is the BritRail pass which is £225 for 8 days. The problem with comparing train ticket pricing around the world is that trains are expensive and providing a comprehensive train service is much more expensive than what people are able to pay. Unless you want to run a purely skeleton service of marginally profitable routes (eg ECML) the pricing levels are more influenced by government subsidy than anything else and this varies around the world. The British government made a decision 10-15 years ago to reduce the level of subsidy which is the main reason for the above inflation increase in commuter fares. The way privatisation has occurred and been allowed to evolve has it's faults, no doubt, but the profit margins of the rail companies are pretty much fixed and not actually that unusual and the same increase in fares would have occurred under BR had it remained and the same decision made to reduce the subsidy. The cynical might suggest that privatisation makes for a nice deflection to pretend that it's all the fault of those greedy capitalists...
  11. Take it you've streetviewed it? It's a main through route with lots of cheap shops.
  12. Just noticed that searching on Rightmove for house prices provides historical data in a easy format to quickly view which way the trend is going, this is searching on BH2. Selected a few on just the first two pages... seems to be back to 2003 mostly. And some even further! Flat 3, Fernmount, 2 Suffolk Road, Bournemouth, Bournemouth BH2 5SX £75,500 Flat, Leasehold 19 Jul 2013 £90,000 Flat, Leasehold 26 Jan 2006 £68,500 Flat, Leasehold 30 Oct 2002 £43,500 Flat, Leasehold 09 Oct 2000 Flat 4, Hudson House, Upper Norwich Road, Bournemouth, Bournemouth BH2 5RA £115,500 Flat, Leasehold 21 Jun 2013 £140,000 Flat, Leasehold 18 Jul 2007 £130,000 Flat, Leasehold 16 Jun 2005 £83,000 Flat, Leasehold 31 Jan 2002 £52,950 Flat, Leasehold 25 Jun 1999 17 Norwich Road, Bournemouth, Bournemouth BH2 5QZ £154,000 Terraced, Freehold 20 Jun 2013 2 bedrooms £200,000 Semi-Detached, Freehold 27 Oct 2006 £173,000 Semi-Detached, Freehold 14 May 2004 £99,000 Semi-Detached, Freehold 09 Jun 2000 Flat 28, Brompton Court, St Stephens Road, Bournemouth, Bournemouth BH2 6JS £300,000 Flat, Leasehold 07 Jun 2013 £269,500 Flat, Leasehold 09 Mar 2010 £319,950 Flat, Leasehold 14 Mar 2002 Flat 3, Cranleigh Court 25a Suffolk Road, Bournemouth, Bournemouth BH2 5SU £133,000 Flat, Leasehold 30 May 2013 £142,500 Flat, Leasehold 11 Aug 2006 Flat 3, Norwich Mansions, Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth, Bournemouth BH2 6AL £124,000 Flat, Leasehold 28 May 2013 2 bedrooms £145,000 Flat, Leasehold 19 Nov 2010 £152,500 Flat, Leasehold (New Build) 17 Dec 2004 Flat 3, Meyrick Gate, 16 Wimborne Road, Bournemouth, Bournemouth BH2 6NT £166,350 Flat, Leasehold 22 May 2013 £198,000 Flat, Leasehold 11 May 2004 £170,000 Flat, Leasehold (New Build) 31 Jan 2003 Flat 60, Richmond Hill Gate, 1 Richmond Hill Drive, Bournemouth, Bournemouth BH2 6LT £191,000 Flat, Leasehold 29 Apr 2013 £300,000 Flat, Leasehold 15 Nov 2004 Apartment 9, Aquarius, 95 St Michaels Road, Bournemouth, Bournemouth BH2 5DS £117,000 Flat, Leasehold 08 Apr 2013 £143,000 Flat, Leasehold (New Build) 16 Jan 2006 Flat 3, Dean Park Gate, 5 Wimborne Road, Bournemouth, Bournemouth BH2 6LX £182,500 Flat, Leasehold 03 Apr 2013 £210,000 Flat, Leasehold (New Build) 16 Feb 2006 Flat 6, Ramblewood, 22 Wimborne Road, Bournemouth, Bournemouth BH2 6NU £165,000 Flat, Leasehold 28 Mar 2013 £196,000 Flat, Leasehold 02 Feb 2005
  13. Don't think that's sold price - it seems to be tracking the discount on initial asking price to final (maybe!) asking price.
  14. Got one too. Every place I sign up to I use a unique email address, so I can track who's sharing and block if required. It's quite surprising the number of places with leaky email databases, and even more surprising when it's from places which really should know better.
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