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  1. In what way are they overpriced and what, in your opinion is a reasonable price?? Nope
  2. Some have unfairly berated house builders as greedy, profit driven monsters. But you cannot argue that these are sensible prices aimed at a specific market. With the increase in availability of FTB mortgages and sensible prices like these, the new build market could well be on the road to recovery! http://www.barratthomes.co.uk/Find-a-Home/New-Developments/H4993-Pennine-View/?mode=2
  3. Higher specification = Higher build cost, it's really not difficult to comprehend. Building regulations have a mimimum standard that all dwellings are required to achieve, sound transfer, heat loss and air tightness, all included in Part L of the building regulations and these are only set to become more and more stringent. If you compare apples with apples, it's a myth that older houses were of a better build quality.
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