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  1. results up http://www.irishhousehunter.com/reports/report.php?site=propertypal&date=2011-08-01 422 drops -7.92 million -10.0%
  2. results up http://www.irishhousehunter.com/reports/report.php?site=propertypal&date=2011-07-25 409 drops -8.6 million -10.8% Headmelter closest this time me thinks
  3. results up http://www.irishhousehunter.com/reports/report.php?site=propertypal&date=2011-07-11 431 drops -7.54 million -9.4% Think Doccboy was the closest with 400 i wasn't even close and i now start my search of this weeks drops for any decent properties
  4. You right Doccboy my brain just getting confused.
  5. 376 is my guess. Bit worried that with propertynews changing its website they might be problems with collecting data from the site. Find that propertybee not working at the moment but new site has only gone live this weekend - i think. Find searches don't work as well. Use to use keywords "an offer of" to find repossessions but this does seem to work.
  6. Rateable value of the property is 82500 so this is about 15% below that. Property had been dropped from 98950 to 87995 just a week ago so it seems strange that estate agents thinks the sellers would accept 75k never mind 70k. If i was the seller i would be furious if i found out the estate agent was doing this unless he thinks someone else will put a bid in and start a bidding war. I would think it would be a good ideal to take the exact details of this site as well. Good luck but really check out the area as well.
  7. results up http://www.irishhousehunter.com/reports/report.php?site=propertypal&date=2011-07-04 424 drops -8.554 million -9.9%
  8. results up http://www.irishhousehunter.com/reports/report.php?site=propertypal&date=2011-05-16 580 drops -10.750 million -9.7%
  9. 495 Was surpised at how many dropped last week so going a bit higher
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