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  1. 390 Think we see the wind down on reductions for this year. Still see new listings coming (>£100k range) on the market prices over and some way over rv so there will be reductions to come.
  2. results up 389 drops -7.6 million -11.4% http://www.irishhousehunter.com/reports/report.php?site=propertypal&date=2011-11-07
  3. just notice that this is one of the houses mentioned in the original post. Two estate agents means they must be twice as likely to sell the house now!!!
  4. Seen this one come on the mark last week http://www.propertynews.com/Property/Belfast/TRLTRL64731/49-Malone-Park/176939927/Page2 but seems to be just the house moving to new estate agents http://www.propertynews.com/Property/BELFAST/ECSECS20875/49-Malone-Park/176939927/Page1 been on the market for a year down from 1.975m to 1.495 m Rateable value is 1.3m might put a offer of 900k and hope my lottery numbers come up at the weekend!!
  5. results up http://www.irishhousehunter.com/reports/report.php?site=propertypal&date=2011-10-10 -473 drops -9.57 million -10.3%
  6. Don't think the Estate Agents can fully be blamed - it is also vendors, banks and the government. Always have the urge to visit the house and ask the vendors why the think their house is worth 50% more than 2005 values but don't want to give them false hope. Have made bids on houses that have been repossessed but been told the banks will not accept bids unless it reaches a certain level. Not going to give the banks a penny more of my money than i have to. Obviously the government are supporting prices until the housing market returns to "normal". Low interests on mortgages and virtually nothing for savers. From my calculations I am about £200 per month better off renting than buying so i can keep them waiting!!
  7. 420 this week Still amazed at the number of new properties coming on the market 50% over RV.
  8. Public Sector Pension - Workers to pay extra 3.2% http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-15188534 This is going effect money in the economy. Typical increases shown below for the civil service (think it is different for health workers etc) income increase payment per month £15K £37.50 £25K £62.50 £40K £100.00 £50K £125.00 £75K £187.50 £100k £200.00
  9. looking through propertynews, 7 of these apartments have come on the market today http://www.propertynews.com/search/165663337/ hope this link works all with reeds rain and price on application
  10. results up http://www.irishhousehunter.com/reports/report.php?site=propertypal&date=2011-09-26 475 drops -8.8 million -9.5%
  11. results up http://www.irishhousehunter.com/reports/report.php?site=propertypal&date=2011-09-19 468 drops -7.52 million -9.0%
  12. Part of me can see the appeal of these apartments for a small group of people. Previously living and working in the city centre. i know how good it is to wake up and be in work 15 minutes later not having the hassle of buses or cars getting to work (but when i did get a car it was broken into more than 12 times in 1 year!!!). Still it is amazing that need to be earning over 20k a year and have a good deposit to buy one of these rabbit hutches. If a couple bought one of these i think there would be a high divorce rate being stuck in one room all the time. Maybe see a few of them being sold to companies for visiting/working executives or maybe the entertainment market????
  13. 570 this week please Think we are coming to the end of the selling season this year. Seeing quite a few drops in North Belfast/East Belfast and Glengormley but also still seeing some stupidly hight priced houses coming on to the market
  14. results up 411 drops -7.05 million -9.3% http://www.irishhousehunter.com/reports/report.php?site=propertypal&date=2011-08-29
  15. results up http://www.irishhousehunter.com/reports/report.php?site=propertypal&date=2011-08-15 494 drops -8.55 million -9.4%
  16. results up http://www.irishhousehunter.com/reports/report.php?site=propertypal&date=2011-08-08 490 drops -8.99 million -9.6%
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