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  1. from another news report http://money.aol.co.uk/2012/02/18/house-prices-still-below-boom-levels/ Local Authority District Region Average House Price 2007 £ Average House Price 2011 £ % Change 2011 -2007 Craigavon Northern Ireland 213844 101383 -53.00% Newtownabbey Northern Ireland 218111 107992 -50.00% Ballymena Northern Ireland 241198 120894 -50.00% North Down Northern Ireland 289571 145974 -50.00% Belfast Northern Ireland 226431 117077 -48.00% Castlereagh Northern Ireland 245377 126943 -48.00% Lisburn Northern Ireland 238287 126703 -47.00% Ards Northern Ireland 246074 136072 -45.00% Derry City Northern Ireland 184767 105791 -43.00%
  2. Halifax report being on bbc website. 9 of worst effected areas are in Northern Ireland. Worst is Craigavon £213,844 in 2007 to £103,383 in 2011 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-17083529 still trying to find the actual report
  3. results up http://www.irishhousehunter.com/reports/report.php?site=propertypal&date=2012-02-13 504 drops -9.01 million -10.0%
  4. You would have thought they would have got planning permission and then building control would be involved and they would have told LPS (RCA) once it was completed - so called "joined up Government". Wouldn't surprise if didn't happen thou. Looking at properties on that road, they are looking nearly double what anybody else is looking - they will be lucky to get half the price - a perfect example of overdeveloping a site reducing the value.
  5. Think if you are individual and you own the property it would be at normal income tax rates (20% normal rate and 40% higher rate) on the net profits but i could be totally wrong?
  6. I know what you are saying but it is a house with 6 bedrooms, 4 reception rooms, a sauna, a gym, a laundry room etc, surely the capital value off this house should be more than a 3 bedroom semi in Stranmillis. Whether rates are right or not as a means of tax this seems a bit strange that someone owning this house would be paying less rates. Think it just highlights that capital value cannot always be relied on to give you a guide on the value.
  7. Locally I think we are going to see rent market flat for the next few years or even rentals going down. If you look and propertynews and have propertybee probably about half the properties have reduced the monthly rent by 30, 50 (a few examples by 100, 200) quid in the south Belfast area. Could be argued that it wrong time of the year to be trying to rent but the summer will show whether this is the case. Students simply cannot afford any increase in rents, DHSS are having housing benefits cuts. If you are classed as "professional" you now have a wider choice of areas as other homeowners rent their house instead of selling - waiting for the recovery and so called normal house prices to return. Think yield for a btl would probably be normally well under 10% and would probably be less than 5% but it hard to think of anything (investment wise) that would give you this return.
  8. Ratable value of this property is 205k (capital value). http://lpsni.gov.uk/vListDCV/propertydetails.asp?di=05&dn=Ballymoney+Borough+Council&wi=0000000296&wn=Glebe&si=0000005583&sn=Coleraine+Road&display=568353&rn=27 Really does make you think how ratable value is sometimes calculated and how it can be used to calculate the market value of the house. Should the ratable value be the same as a small 3 bedroom semi in Stranmillis?
  9. some people might do it for this reason but i know from personally experience it can be done to virtually take it off the market. selling my house last year you just get tired of showing people around the house. Stick £50k on the cost house to put off viewers. Why not just take it off the market? you just really start to resent the money you have already giving the smarmy estate agent. Contract i had with then said they would market up for up to 10 years and 6 months later you can drop the price again (and by that stage it would probably be £70k not £50k)
  10. results up http://www.irishhousehunter.com/reports/report.php?site=propertypal&date=2012-01-09 390 drops -8.65 million -11.7% Looks like christmas is well and truely over for another year!!
  11. results up http://www.irishhousehunter.com/reports/report.php?site=propertypal&date=2012-01-02 23 drops -0.48 million -12.2%
  12. okay maybe not quite as bad as the above but Ratable Value £165k an just on the market this week for £375k http://www.propertynews.com/Property/Bangor/TRHTRH64999/Apt-1-18-Grey-Point/183608424/ 2 bedroom apartment which is bigger than the normal but you can now get detached house for less than this in the same area. Kitchen looks very dated and wouldn't even even be good enough for a property looking half the price
  13. Okay, was having a wee dig at the bbc but on the whole i do think they do quite good at reporting the crash. Think the bbc ni website seems to have suffered badly from local cutbacks and isn't quite as well updated as it use to be (especially holidays and at the weekends). Agree with you that Jim Fitzpatrick has done a good job in highlighting the crash and Nolan likes to stir it a bit - so he is bound to highlight it. Sold my house last year so i do have a vested interest in prices going down (like most people have on this site). We are told that prices are down to 2005 (and below) and in some areas this seems to be true but the areas that i am looking at it is just not true. Either people in these areas expectations are too high and a nice wee reminder is good for them to hear or after 15 years in a good job (in NI terms) plus a good deposit i will simply never be able to afford a house in these areas.
  14. Compare with RTE which seems cover more fully on both the website and on the main news at 6 today http://www.rte.ie/news/2011/1230/britain-business.html extract from the article Averaging £113,614, house prices in Northern Ireland have been slashed to half their 2007 peak levels and Northern Ireland was named as the worst-performing area for the fourth year in a row. Belfast was the worst-performing city over the year, with prices nose-diving by 19% to average £161,326. Didn't see it all on RTE news but mentioned all the for sale signs around the holyland and someone from the NI Housing Executive saying now to read too much into the Belfast figures (why!!! and why have someone from the NIHE commenting on this???)
  15. Just thought i would list properties in Belfast listed just this week, showing asking price and rating value (RV). 29 Abetta Parade, Belfast £42k RV £75k 140b Belvoir Drive, Belfast £55k RV £55k 20 Parkgate Parade, Belfast £59.95k RV £70k 9 Daphne Street, £59.95k RV £70k 8 Pims Avenue, off Holywood Rd £60k RV £120k 30 Hesketh Park £64.95k RV £40k 56 Rowan Drive, Dunmurry £69.5k RV £72.5k 11 Silverstream Gardens £69.95k RV £82.5k 1 Glencairn Crescent Belfast £69.95k RV £57k 189 Alexandra Park AVenue £72.5k RV £50k 32 Glandore Gardens, Belfast £74.95k RV £85k 48 Castleton Gardens (6 flats) £89.95k RV £177k 17 Garranard Manor £99.95k RV £90k 13 Beechmount Bdgs, Old Bakers Court £109.95k RV £110k 54 Westway Crescent £109.95k RV £90k 123 Lagmore Meadows £109.95k RV £110k 62b Somerton Road £114.95k RV £115k 24 Marmont Park £119.95k RV £140k 47 Glasgow Street £119.95k RV £87.5k 12 Buttermilk Loney £124.95k RV £90k 12 Orangefield Crescent £124.95k RV £125k 30 Orangefield Road £125k RV £115k 11 Merok Gardens £125k RV £135k 69 Glenview Avenue £149.95k RV £135k 24 McCaughan Park £179.95k RV £245k 102 Somerset Studios, Marcus Ward St £185k RV £190k 28 Wolseley Street (3 flats) £185k RV £205k 6 kingsland Park £189.95k RV £170k 2a Kingsland Park £190k RV £180k 597 Oldpark Road £194.95k RV £110k 90 Knock Eden Park £199.95k RV £215k 2 Woodcroft Heights £199.95k RV £175k 3 Windsor court £230k RV £250k 19 Marlborough Heights £239.95k RV £250k 41 Old Golf Course Park £245k RV £225k 2a Burnside Park £275k RV £245k In red i have highlighted the properties on the market above RV. Some people still think their property is worth more - must be the fancy kitchen taps. Again think it shows that the lower end of the market is more acceptable of the below RV price guide.
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