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  1. Not BT9 but BT7 https://www.propertypal.com/97-carmel-street-university-area-belfast/481107 smaller and you have to pay over £1000 in rates
  2. for info - found a couple of old brochures which give prices for what was a new development in mallusk/glengormley. Apartments are now roughly £90-99k (asking price) https://www.propertynews.com/Property/Newtownabbey/ARO11310/25-Aylesbury-Court/437221311/Page1 Townhouses are now roughly £140k https://www.propertynews.com/Property/Glengormley/MSL669586/15-Aylesbury-Court/437221311/Page1 Semi detached are roughly £150k https://www.propertynews.com/Property/Newtownabbey/CGR102606000379/27-Aylesbury-Road/437221311/Page1 In the brochure dated 10th November 2006 Apartments £160k Semi detached £241k Detatched £250k In brochure dated 8th Mar 2007 Apartments £210k Town houses £295k
  3. The argument isn' really about prices being too high its whether prices have gone back to the pre crash levels for some parts of belfast I don't think it has but only really know the areas that I was interested in or lived on. For south parade some of these properties would have been classed as townhouses - up to £600k. Some them have rv value of over £300k - do we think these properties where only getting this at the height of the crazy prices? If a judge says in legal terms a house did sell then it is a value that i think is valid. I think prices are too high but most people on this forum has bought including myself
  4. As people as said already we can't get prices from land registry which makes it really hard to tell but from a news story about 50 malone park which seems to be smaller (rv £1.05m against rv £1.25m for 45) was sold for £3.5m although the buyer did try to get out of the sale. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-21277512 Other places that I have lived in are definitely not even close to what they got to at the very height at of the boom but don't know what ormeau road was like but here is a link from a guardian article https://www.theguardian.com/money/2008/sep/13/homes Not a big choice on the market for ormeau at the moment but don't seem to be close to the prices quoted in the article - although virtually nothing was selling in 2008.
  5. Wouldn't be what I would have been looking for in this area - looks to have been rented with what furniture is in it. Would prefer a terrace house without the management fees at this price. Looks to be overpriced but we will see. See a 2 bedroom flat for £85k closer to the city centre https://www.propertypal.com/apt-35-cromwell-court-110-cromwell-road-belfast/462964 May be something wrong with development but it would be worth looking at.
  6. Had another look at the department of finance website (https://www.finance-ni.gov.uk/publications/ni-house-price-index-statistical-reports) and found a spreadsheet had further data which does have the breakdown off the various council areas Table 5 has this data https://www.finance-ni.gov.uk/sites/default/files/publications/dfp/NI HPI detailed statistics Q2 2017.XLSX
  7. This is a report for the whole of northern Ireland just publish today and also on the residential property price index thread at the top https://www.finance-ni.gov.uk/sites/default/files/publications/dfp/NI HPI statistics report Quarter 2 2017.pdf Uses Quarter 1 2015 as a baseline. Look at the table on page 7. Lowest quarter was Q1 2013 according to these stats. We would be around 28% above this figure.
  8. If you are thinking of selling up and banking the "crazy increase" you are basically hoping that someone (probably a younger couple) buys your house and enough of this type goes under so you can buy the same or better at a lower price? You are working the Ponzi scheme and VI in drops.
  9. Again this is something that will cause issues in the future but again there will be people working in there 70s and beyond. Probably some by choice. I not saying prices are okay and really would like to see them go down but is everybody going to live in a house with a big garden. I know plenty that has no interest in having a garden (even ones with kids). There is no typical family any more and probably never was but there are not far more single people, single parent families. People getting divorced and living on there own - getting divorced in there 60s. Apartments and terrace houses have there use - they need to be regulated (size rise) and service charges.
  10. Why are we worry about him buying a house or struggling with the mortgage payments then.
  11. Everybody has different life experience but I know people that are working into there late 70s. Some through choice and some not. I know employees in their 20s that are quite "unproductive" and do the bare minimum. Some in manual jobs and some not. For people under 48 its already 68 - so do you really think its going less than 70 for someone in their 20s? If in the 50s someone ""can't be bothered with work any more" are we really expecting him to own or aspire to a house? How many typical 20 year olds do you know that are saving for the pension except through company, public sector or government "workplace pension" scheme. We will all just rent detached house with big gardens the rest of our life - that's the answer. Belfast will look a lot nicer but also a lot bigger.
  12. The CML report show the average age for a FTB in northern Ireland is 30 and most people seem to be borrowing on a lower multiplier than I thought. With life expectancy increasing (In last 40 years it has increased by 10 years - maybe stalled now) and likelihood of the pension age being 70 or above it will give some sensible people 40 years to get mortgage free (and if you are sensible and maybe lucky far less). For most people (whether single or as a couple) there first home they buy isn't the home they stay for the rest of their life. If I was in my twenties I would still buy an apartment or terrace house (not in the city centre) because spending £6k a year would bugging me (unless I thought the price of these type of properties was going down £6k each year). I know there are some drawbacks and extra expenses that you don't realise at the time but I still would - some people choose not to do this . Some people seems to been lucky with the rent they pay. I rented in 2011 a semi in Stranmillis below the college and cost £600 per month and there was good selection to pick from, now I only see a few at £850 a month or above - that's £10k a year
  13. welcome back to NI. Probably the wrong forum to ask about buy to let. If you knew where you wanted to live in NI - buy now (imho). Assuming that £180k would cover it - less hassle. Not sure where you want to live - rent a house and check if you like the area and if it suits your needs. Then buy a house in the area after a year. Dont think prices will go up much but dont think they will down either. Buy to let a cheaper property and use the money to pay the mortgage on the house that you live could work but could also be so much hassle. if it goes well great if not do you have the time to deal with the issues. House repairs, tenant issues, rates to pay, landlord registration, unpaid rent, manage property yourself or via estate agent. Could also benefit for capital appreciation but few people was caught out thinking the same 10 years ago (properties in general). If interest rates go up the value of buy to let would more affected than other properties (imho). I didn't want a mortgage when I was in my 50s. I worked hard to achieve this (but I was also lucky).
  14. Can't really say that much about blackrock. It is hard to give advice on this because you could have a house in this area and have no problems. Would recommend maybe renting for a year and seeing if you like the area. I lived in the mayfield development and would never live there again. Loads of issues with anti social behaviour but never really heard about it in the blackrock development. There is now a bus service which is good, when there is heavy snow (rare i know) you do have problems with getting to work or back from work. The know there was a park for the mayfield development but everything in was vandalised. Mayfield had a nickname "new ardoyne" when i was there but never heard of any issues about religion. Checking prices for mayfield they haven't went up in last 5 years but definitely less properties on the market. Knew people in the Alderley development that absolutely loved the area - no issues - got the bus everyday to work - no issues with antisocial behaviour. That may be different now.
  15. New apartment development on the Ormeau road - portland 88 - prices starting from £160k (for 1 bedroom). Seems a bit high when you can get 3 bedroom apartment nearby for £90k.
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