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  1. Seems to be alot of upward trending news about the housing market recently. I know where I'm looking South/East belfast / North down prices haven't so much went up just less on the lower end of the market for sale, Are people seeing much increase in house prices ? Certainly been a good bit more selling where I'm looking..
  2. This arguement only becomes helpful if wages are rising with inflation, This doesn't appear to be the case at the moment.
  3. This is the NI forum so we don't have council tax.
  4. I use it all the time it used to work great for me but not it shows most properties as finding entrys that day when the properties been listed for weeks / months usually. Don't know if something's funny with my version - Its still pretty handy to have but I've found it alot less reliable lately.
  5. Any links to the HPI stats? BBC has a link to their page but don't appear to be up yet. I love how the pace of decline is always talked about.. Even if it keeps slowing down prices across the board are still declining!
  6. I'm not sure I agree about this, With Debt Death Divorse all constants there's always going to be houses come up in decent areas as well and if mortgage lending is kept reasonably tight it would indicate that there's a way to fall yet.... Also there hasn't been any slowing in the falling for hte past couple of years... still around %12 / year and it looks like this year will be no different. I'm personally looking / wanting to buy as I STR just over a year ago and I've been plesently surprised by the drops the past year and can't see any good reason for the dropping to stop.
  7. 7% in the first 3 months of htis year is an amazing number... Would be interested to see if the BOI report says something similar!
  8. There's a few multinational financial companies about.... Senior Java Programmer with 5 years (unless your amazingly good) mid 30's is what they would likely offer maybe up to 40.... and don't be offended if they offer low 30's. If its one of the main 2 (citi/nyse) (assuming its citi and they do most of the java stuff).. they do on call payments etc that will boost it however you'd have to work on call :S. If your offered 50k I'd be shocked (and prob want to come join you). Thats more in line with a principle / Tech specialist with 10-15+ years work.
  9. Anyone else noticed the recent property listings from UPS Bangor... I think they may have gotten a english student in to do them... http://www.propertynews.com/Property/Bangor/UPS11217-8-865520/36-Sherwood-Road/189973052/Page1 http://www.propertynews.com/Property/Bangor/UPS11217-8-865516/12-Killaire-Park/189973052/Page1 Loving the infinitum extolling the virtue http://www.propertynews.com/Property/Bangor/UPS11217-8-865496/5-Glastry-Court/189973484/ http://www.propertynews.com/Property/Bangor/UPS11217-8-853843/18-Railwayview-Street/189973484/ Thought they may be good for a laugh
  10. Maybe... but you'd expect an auction to be a bit more of a bargin especially if your buying 4 of them.... There's 2 appartments for sale in the same development for 55 & 57k respectively... You'd think you could get a little more off them Looks like someone just overpaid.
  11. Any link to the twitter ? Had a look haven't seen it
  12. Interest rates rise and fall.. no one will give you a fixed rate for 25 years (unless its really high) so I don't understand how you could be paying the extra 1k / year for 25 years.. Everyones interest rate will rise (unless fixed) when the BOE finnally raises their base rate. So waiting for houses to drop another 10k etc will always be better if rates rise they would rise for people who are new and existing mortgage holders. I personally think rate rises will cause more significant amounts of value drops mainly due to alot of repos.
  13. I remember houses in the village area of south Belfast selling for ~180k during the peak Looked recently and they are in and around 30 - 40k these days. Does anyone know an area with bigger drops that that ?
  14. True I think its a bargin to but buying at aution won't suit me as I need a mortgage.... however I wonder if the market continues to fall at the rate it has been, will that become the normal selling price for some property say in ~2 years time ?... I know only 18 months ago I couldn't imagine it selling for that sort of price.
  15. Thanks! Just have to wait till they list normal properties that that sort of pricing
  16. Did anyone go ? Was there many there ? Anyone any idea what price the Bangor house went for ? Lot 26 Thanks
  17. These guys seemed to be on a marketing campain this morning.. Walking around centre of belfast this morning in dressing gowns something about hating Mondays or being able to walk to work.. On the up side they gave me some free buns!
  18. The one in Bangor is 50k off rateable value and in a decent area near the train... 100k for a decent detached house 3 bed in a good area that sounds cheap to me The ones in Dundonald look good to but I'm not 100% sure about the area its fairly close to Ballybeen, Don't know much about the other areas
  19. Is it possible he's on an Interest only Mortgage ? I've heard of banks writing to people to ask them to switch to repayment recently as they where in negative equity.. Is it possible that's what they where asking rather than paying 80k in one go ?
  20. Some really good prices assuming the reserves aren't low to be bided up... Does anyone have experiance with buying at auction ? Would you need to be a cash buyer or could it be done on mortgage ?
  21. I may be missing something but from my reading I would have thought that being in co-ownership in NI be a better deal that if you bought outright in the last 3 - 4 years. With CO-Ownership they are taking half (or whatever % agreed) of any losses or negative equity. With some people in the boom being 50k+ in negative equity I think most people would prefer half of that to be owned by the government rather than them. Also as far as I'm aware in NI Co-Ownership is available for any houses not just new builds so that wouldn't lend itself to inflating prices (Any more than they where already inflated).
  22. Makes it look like the have more houses sale agreed / sold so... The or they forgot to take it off.
  23. No really free as your taking on 30k debt... Also the person's partner prob has possession of the house and is unwilling to sell at a price they are happy with (rather than a realistic price) Person prob can't get another mortgage unless he gets rid of the dept. Sounds like a can of worms.
  24. If you don't mind me asking What sort of houses are you selling or what are the main ones selling? Is it mainly new builds ? Much above 125k ? Only houses I see selling at the minute are ones that need a lot of work would this be your experience or are you seeing more of a spread?
  25. I think your right if your looking in the shorter term (certainly over the past 2 years) however the same could be said for money in the bank, Currently Interest rates are well below inflation therefore every year your money is in the bank its losing its worth. The house as an asset may fall in value in the short term but long term (10-15 years) the value should increase (even if only in line with inflation) and in my opinion will beat bank interest rate savings with renting.
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