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  1. It's not necessarily about consuming chlorine, it's about it being used as a hygiene standard. It's a practice that has been banned in the EU for two decades, because they declared it is not hygienic enough. I suggest you take some time and watch of the following Dispatches programme: https://www.channel4.com/programmes/dispatches/on-demand/68769-001 NATO helps, sure. Especially on outside interference. However stability within Europe is primarily thanks to the EU unity. I can see you're the type of person that will shout loudest in a debate, without actually listening to
  2. Ah yes, here we go. The typical class of a hardcore Brexiter. If someone doesn't agree with something you say, then it's time to grab a fistful of mud... just don't go down that road. I'm not associating you with a full-time idiot. Yes. In the past, Europe was one of the most conflict areas in the world. Since the EU formed we have enjoyed peace and friendship between the European countries like never before. Having this unity, this also protects us from attack from outside Europe. Do you disagree with this? I admire your trust and faith in the UK government, but it comes to no
  3. I do appreciate other people have differing opinions, but come on... some voted to leave the EU, then have the audacity to turn their noses up at a potential deal to leave. The mindset of a no-deal preference is just lost on me. Why would anyone be so reckless? With all the flaws of the EU, I do believe it’s better inside. Just to name a few high-level reasons; it’s more secure, better trade (within Europe and also rest of the world), safer standards/regulations for food and environment, ease of travel, and knowledge sharing of scientific studies. There’s a lot to improve on though!
  4. Oh, right. What is then? Because as far as I can make out, none of you know what Brexit actually is.
  5. Looks like it has been up for even longer than that - originally indexed on 5th May 16. Not sure what is going on with it though.
  6. Not many were able to read the aftermath, in that, how those behind the scenes orchestrated QE and defended HPI at all costs. Those decision makers in power owned decreasing assets, making them have a VI role. Seems obvious now, but it was difficult to see at the time, especially how the solution is to make the same mistakes again (fuelling assets using credit). I bought around the Templepatrick area.
  7. Did you buy soon after that @2buyornot2buy? Just wondering what swayed it for you, as you were pretty convinced about not buying from reading those messages. Also, I wonder if @Shotoflight is now a resident of mumsnet...
  8. No. I went onto their website and her profile no longer exists. So, she must have left quite recently - not that it matters anymore!
  9. No doubt about it. I knew it at the time when a bidding war came out of the blue, after 6 weeks without a squeak of interest. So it came to no surprise seeing a photo of her mug selling the property when it came back up.
  10. It's easy to read "don't trust Estate Agents", and you think, "aye, grand". It's only when you experience something odd, your attitude to Estate Agents will really change immediately afterwards. I have plenty of tales. However one that springs to my mind, is a property in South Belfast which needed a decent amount of work. I put in an offer, and it was put on the table... fair enough so far. Days, weeks would go past, I always needed to prompt the Estate Agent asking what was going on. She never gave a straight answer, even the basics like who owned the property (someone let slip it was b
  11. You aren't mad. I hung on during the GFC and witnessed, beyond belief, the same crap reoccurring. This didn't happen overnight. The financial crash is now over a decade old, it's a long time to be waiting with added frustration. Sure, we had our HPC in Northern Ireland, but life events meant I was going to wait a little while before buying. The bottom bounced hard, really hard. More adverts on the television showing attractive mortgage cashback offers. Cheap credit has came back and was knocking on the door of everyone's home. I underestimated how gullible the masses would be, even with t
  12. Like @2buyornot2buy said, Laganvale Court is too far. I remember viewing two properties in Stranmillis, both for sale at the same time, and they were a 15 second walk between each other - Wilesden and Belvedere. Only the latter is inside the catchment area. It has do to with the postcode, which isn't too expansive because both properties are pretty much a stones throw away from the school. To be honest, I had given up on Stranmillis some time in 2018. Open viewings, bidding wars, estate agents playing games, the most expensive place to buy per sq foot, and, in my opinion, it's got a posh
  13. Just curious, but how has the annual change increased if the quarter dropped -1%?
  14. Any idea why? Trouble getting banks to lend at these levels? Brexit jitters?
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