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  1. whome_yesyou

    Northen Ireland - Brexit impact and House Prices

    Think this is the same data from the NIRPPI Q2 report for NI.
  2. whome_yesyou

    Residential Property Price Index exclusive thread

    Just curious, but how has the annual change increased if the quarter dropped -1%?
  3. whome_yesyou


    Any idea why? Trouble getting banks to lend at these levels? Brexit jitters?
  4. whome_yesyou

    Residential Property Price Index exclusive thread

    Surprised nobody commenting on this, surely -1% on a quarterly (which is usually a positive HPI quarter) is a good sign. How is everyone else reading it?
  5. This is brilliant - bookmarked! Yeah I remember when the developer tried to voice his reasons behind the removal of those features, safe to say it didn’t go down too well and everyone rightly seen through it.
  6. whome_yesyou

    Current house prices

    There is the option to purchase for £160k without the car parking spot, making that 8'x16' space worth close to £30k... just, wow...
  7. whome_yesyou

    Wonga runs out of Wonga

    Thanks, the link is pay walled though. So let me get this straight, people having had a loan with Wonga had it written off... and Wonga are still in business? What is going on? Is there any repercussions at all for the person that had the loan or is it just free money?
  8. whome_yesyou

    Looking to buy 2018/19

    If only there was a report available on completed mortgages; showing LTV, term, income, etc. I doubt such a thing would be open to the public though, but there isn’t any other way to know the volume of applicants maxing out. I’d be interested to see what @zamo has experienced from the broker.
  9. whome_yesyou

    Looking to buy 2018/19

    Just went on to NW website for a quick quote. Joint application: main applicant with a £40k salary and other applicant £30k, on a 35 year term. Able to borrow up to £335k. Whether you can actually follow through and get that without any problems is another matter. Can only imagine what other ‘less reputable’ lenders are quoting.
  10. whome_yesyou

    Northen Ireland - Brexit impact and House Prices

    I have been questioning everything of this fake uplift which started 5 years ago. What exactly was the catalyst of this continuing HPI growth? Not productivity that’s for sure, just simply cheap credit to those that want it. Can now get mortgages high multiples to your income, with 5% deposit, and a 35 year term... does that sound smart? When this next crash hits, those orchestrating things better be serving time, as there is no excuse whatsoever for artificially creating another boom soon after the last GFC. Well, apart from greed and saving some of the elites which were burnt from before. I see debt all places. Highest household debt since records began. And yet, things just keep motoring on. I’m no finance or economy expert, but it all doesn’t smell right, and I avoided the last crash because of big stink in the air.
  11. whome_yesyou

    Wonga runs out of Wonga

    Who takes on the bad debts if Wonga go down? I’d assume it’s not a jubilee for the borrowers.
  12. whome_yesyou

    What a load of rubbish

    Really do hope that is sarcasm, for your sake.
  13. Surely lending rules (MMR) test for rates being much higher before dishing out mortgage/debt. What excuse is there that people are crying? Were they lieing about their finances? Lenders fiddling the books? Or maybe good aul fear mongering, so public sentiment is against future rises?
  14. whome_yesyou

    The Bank Of England Clueless Thread

    I think it’s to do with the Carney interview this morning. He said a no deal Brexit is uncomfortably likely.
  15. Does this rise mean that money is no longer cheap? Will they continue to lend with a 95% LTV? High income multiples? Are they still keeping 35 year terms? and so on....

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