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  1. Also the reports that earnings growth has caught up with inflation has forgotten that RPI is still ahead of it. So against RPI there is more progress needed.
  2. Actually it looks as though we will be. http://www.mindfulmoney.co.uk/wp/shaun-richards/the-uk-plans-to-revise-its-gross-domestic-product-much-higher-in-september/
  3. Whilst unemployment is falling and employment rising there is also the not so positive behaviour of wages as the analysis quoted from below explains. http://www.mindfulmoney.co.uk/wp/shaun-richards/where-does-falling-uk-unemployment-but-also-falling-real-wages-leave-forward-guidance/
  4. House prices are under real pressure in the Netherlands and the question must be how low can they go? http://www.mindfulmoney.co.uk/wp/shaun-richards/the-house-price-bubble-of-the-netherlands-is-bursting-all-over-its-economy/ Perhaps they need the Bank of England and George Osborne to get the bubble going again....
  5. This is happening in the UK too which is making a bit of a mockery of the interest-rate forward guidance of the Bank of England. http://www.mindfulmoney.co.uk/wp/shaun-richards/problems-are-mounting-for-mark-carney-and-his-forward-guidance-for-interest-rates/ Those who are looking for a fixed rate mortgage had better get in quickly.......
  6. The revisions to past US Gross Domestic Product have turned out to be enormous at around US $550 billion! Below is a critique of what is going on here. http://www.mindfulmoney.co.uk/wp/shaun-richards/will-the-us-economy-really-be-3-larger-in-july/ They seem to be trying to take us all for fools.
  7. It seems that as well as the problem with imputed rent there is also an issue with the government sector component of the GDP figures. There is a catch however http://www.mindfulmoney.co.uk/wp/shaun-richards/what-do-todays-uk-gdp-numbers-actually-tell-us/ There seem to be more and more problems don't there?
  8. Yes as pointed out in the article below the only time Help to Buy will appear in the national accounts will be if it goes wrong. http://www.mindfulmoney.co.uk/wp/shaun-richards/is-ramping-the-uk-housing-market-really-the-way-to-kick-start-economic-growth/
  9. Over the weekend even the Chief Executive of Tesco's was dropping hints about more of a financial squeeze. http://www.mindfulmoney.co.uk/wp/shaun-richards/is-the-era-of-cheap-food-really-over-or-is-it-the-era-of-the-supermarket-that-is-over/ It looks as though this is one of the ways that "financial repression" will be forced on us...
  10. The situation with the supposed tax repayments from bank accounts in Switzerland is in danger of making us look like a laughing stock. http://www.mindfulmoney.co.uk/wp/shaun-richards/what-is-the-debt-situation-of-the-uk/
  11. It is not just Southern Europe where the wheels are coming off. Take a look at this from the Netherlands. http://www.mindfulmoney.co.uk/wp/shaun-richards/is-the-netherlands-suffering-from-a-new-dutch-disease/ How far North will the problems of the Euro spread?
  12. Already it looks as though one leg of Mark Carney's policies is going wrong. And So he has raised the interest-rates he thought were too high!
  13. Those arguing that inflation is not spiking presumably do not buy food. http://www.mindfulmoney.co.uk/wp/shaun-richards/inflation-presents-a-contractionary-danger-for-the-uk-economy-yet-again/ 14.3% in a year is quite a surge!
  14. There is a serious catch with the UK using a falling pound to "price" itself back into world markets as I was reading earlier. http://www.mindfulmoney.co.uk/wp/shaun-richards/inflation-presents-a-contractionary-danger-for-the-uk-economy-yet-again/ After all when we tried this in 2007/08 we got very little by way of an economic boost because inflation quickly began to erode it. The annual rate of CPI is at 2.9% as it is...
  15. Backing this up are yet more troubled industrial production figures from Italy as discussed and analysed below. http://www.mindfulmoney.co.uk/wp/shaun-richards/how-will-italy-escape-the-economic-depression-it-is-in/
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