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  1. After all, the turkey's in number ten would never for Christmas ...
  2. The market has been dampened by the new tax on foreign buyers at the top end, that's for sure, That tax will have an effect. I don't think it will have the effect of causing house price deflation for ordinary family homes because mortgage availability is becoming much better and we are about to have another possible 28 million people who may chose to call Lomdom their new home on January the 1st hence increasing demand for housing generally, together with a mini baby boom. However, let's see, if you're right we should see house price deflation showing in the stats from here on in, on a fairly consistent basis. However I don't think we will. I think we'll find this is just yet another year the bears encourage the newbies into not buying, only causing them much more house price inflation pain further down the line as they buy into the market much later than they should have.
  3. I agree, of course it doesn't and if you listened to the London property bulls you would have experienced less house price inflation because you would not have waited for the house price crash that never came and would not be in the awful position of buying into an ever inflating market, very late in the day. The London fundamentals have been obvious for some time. Only the poorly advised would wait to jump into this market if they can afford to do so. A greater supply of people and greater availability of mortgages together with a tight supply of new properties is pretty much always going to lead to increased prices. It's what they call a 'no brainer'.
  4. No need to sell up, the next phase of the economics cycle is going to be very positive for anyone that owns property. All I'm sayings is, don't listen to the property bears people, they are wrong.
  5. Expect all these locations to be worth more in spring 2015 than they are now... http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-hxLzTJjhK3o/Uo83Iq8x0bI/AAAAAAAAIQ0/Ndc6xePOdRU/s1600/cstp-night-map-2.jpg My advice is close to wood green tube ( high street regeneration coming, ally pally regeneration coming, green lanes regeneration already happening, brilliant for transport, cinema's, shopping and close to Muswell hill, crouch end etc. Notice the bias towards north London too ...
  6. My mortgage repayments have been slashed because of the equity increase and right now 18 people are fighting to buy anything that comes up for sale in the local area. Supply is limited demand is forever increasing, the bears were wrong, so wrong. Apologies are due. Anyone that listened to their advice in 2011 and who didn't buy in London would probably be on average 50 - 100k poorer now. That's a fact you can't philosophise away.
  7. I bought in December 2011 and spent 10k putting in a skylight and doing up the garden. Two years later the house is valued at 107.5m more than I paid for it. An increase of 38%. Personally I feel that lots of property bears on the this forum deserve to make an unreserved apology to those newbies that listened to their very very wrong advice. Especially the property bears that were making their rubbish predictions about The London property market. Our population is exploding, we are coming our of a period of being starved from mortgage accessibility and London now is now crowned the educational capital of the world as well as the cultural and joint financial. Also the Uk soft power is only going to increase. Our film industry to booming, tech industry on a great trajectory and we enjoy currently a brilliant international reputation after the success of the best advertisement any nation have ever had - the London Olympics. Don't listen to the bears, they've already cost you dearly. Not listening to them made me 97.5k in 24 months.
  8. It's not just manufacturers that need to worry, it's innovators too. We will be able to 'rip' physical things like we did music. iPhones and computers will get printed illegals on mass. It will upset many industries. The new technique is to use spray on metals that builds components more robustly than they could be made by being screwed together. The real king on the hill will be the firm that owns the stuff that make the brave new world. China can't like the look of what's coming. It's also another blow to regional house prices. Even less need for regional factories near resources - more people will gravitate to the cities.
  9. Getting worse ... http://www.knightfrankblog.com/global-briefing/files/2013/04/pm.png
  10. The Spanish property market is already ugly, feel free to surmise away but the argument in this thread has been lost already. If you bought in London 8 years ago vrs anywhere in Spain you would be laughing. If on the other hand you listened to the 'wisdom' of this thread and bought in Spain you would be probably be quite lonely because of serious expat exodus with a load of negative equity and a fair amount of worry to boot. Lastly anyone that thinks rural Spain is going to be a better investment than London, needs to stay off the funny fags.
  11. Massive financial austerity ? Mainland Europe ? Spain unable to print money ? Rather you than me.
  12. So 8 years on- Bet you wished you bought in the uk and not spain now though huh ?
  13. Good point. Regarding London and housing benefit one thing that people are not mentioning is that councils are pulling the rug on single people's getting a council flat. If your homeless now you are increasingly put into private rented accommodation. I work in the homeless sector and its a sweeping change. They've capped housing benefit. Only to increase the numbers getting paid it in private rented accommodation. Which means BTL landlords will actually have more punters on there books. Again it's very short term thinking. What they should have done is build social housing but increase the rent nearer to private prices and allow the country to make the profit on social housing to pay the national debt not private landlords but hey ho.
  14. They won't demand rent caps as much as pay rises I don't think. The next government will also be trying to seek growth at all costs and won't like the idea of pulling money out of the economy, so they will encourage a cut less spend more mantra ( which goes against the idea of rent caps ). All of which will knock up the price of houses and eventually the price of rents. They may bring in a raft of legislation to protect tenants which will mean that slum landlords will get hit ( and that will all in turn increase the cost of renting). Might be wrong though, we'll see.
  15. To me, the good life is having the best of both worlds, a lovely garden with lots of wildlife whilst being 30 mins away from the all the cultural delights of central London and near many friends and family. Each to there own.
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