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  1. Yes I had that "the government won't let them crash" conversation a few times. It's becoming such an orthodoxy now I'm wondering whether it's actually true or no big event has happened to test it.
  2. The Halifax even They all talk the same rubbish anywhere!!!
  3. Don't be silly the Nationwide said it was because - "Southend is "particularly less expensive" than London, Halifax said, and also offers the attractions of living by the sea." Oh the delights of the Thames Estuary staring across at lots of Oil refinarys
  4. My guess would be lots of the victorian houses which have been converted into flats. It's one of the few places in Essex where you could somewhere (anywhere!) for less than 80k, so it that sense the rise is priobably down to a race to the bottom.
  5. I'd ban University until you are say 23. Once you leave school you either get a job or apprenticeship, even a Doctor could work as a Nurse/Carer, 5 years would be enough time to try a few things. Then when you get to say 23 you have a good idea what you want to do and the degree would be your chosen profession. Academic types would get real world experience and if you couldn't get a job what was the point of doing a degree instead?
  6. The issue that Governments were ignorant of was that most Brickies/Chippies/Plasterers would have started as labourers. If you take legs from under that through workers from Eastern Europe, it's inevitable that a generation of kids won't find an avenue into work especially those who aren't the types who engaged with Education. The closer integrated Europe looked good during the boom times, middle class types loved all those nice cheap home improvements.
  7. Yes them and the Conservative and Unionist Party! Dear old Gus is on the dole in a week so he has to find a way to get in the news. Big EU fanatic I believe, once you've reached the pinnacle of UK bureaucracy, Brussels will find him a suitable position on the gravy train....coming out with stuff about harmonising taxes across Europe will angratiate him to his employers. Personally don't agree the Scots will fancy the idea, it will simply mean moving from a British club to a EU club.
  8. Ever thought of doing Merv's inflation predictions, the current guy is rubbish. Good luck with it, though these things tend to be sub-conciously backfitted.
  9. This story is worth more than four posts on this forum. Whilst Athens and Rome burn the Government is throwing half billion subsidy at the property developers. They buy land at a price that reflects the cost of developing it (be it new roads, decontanimating land), they run out of money and the Government turns round and says "don't worry we'll pay". Typical example of socialising losses for a bunch who have filled their boots during the good times. Why can't they let them go to the wall, assets get sold off and projects get done by a new firm. I always presumed these regional developments things were for companies that produced stuff that could be sold abroad. Instead it goes on keeping the housing mirage going. Suppose it will stick £500m of borrowed money on GDP, so we can pretend the economy is growing and we can all pretend the Tories are cutting anything.
  10. I guess they would argue it's a restriction of trade as a "Healthcare Administrator" has pretty much nowhere else to go than the NHS. The system is obvioulsy rotten with rich men deciding what other rich men get compensated, very little difference with the FTSE100 pay increase report the other day.
  11. I won't stoop to your pettiness, you made it abundantly clear on this thread you thought the Public sector was on it's knees in 1997 and that the Tories don't give a jot for the Public sector. All this School rebuilding was made possible through PFI tricks New Labour learnt from the City, to that end I don't think School's would have looked much different under the Tories. The assumption that throwing money at new shiny buildings and teachers makes an effective education system is wrongheaded. Whatever political affiliation people have they want to see results and improvements. "rates of innumeracy and illiteracy had remained at the same level for at least 20 years" not my words, those of a Goverment report in 2010. http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2010/may/07/poor-literacy-numeracy If you don't think that is a disgusting reflection on Education policy then you are a fool, whether or not kids have to take double Geography in a Portakabin.
  12. Your pathetic reinvention of history about the country being a wasteland in 1997 could have been lifted straight out of a Ed Balls speech. That's the point of this thread, tribal Labour types come out with the knee-jerk Nasty Tory rubbish - it's a comfort blanket. Face it you've got the best of both worlds, a Tory goverment you can pine about whilst they continue Labour policy of running a decficit of 10%+ and propping up failed banks - middle class Guardian types are like pigs in shyte at the moment.
  13. Sorry you've just backed up one hyperbole with another. Your posts seem to come straight out of the New Labour press office - "chronic underinvestment in infastructure" is a dead giveaway. Most on here realise the nirvana you talk about was built on foundations of sand and the current lot are carrying on the facade.
  14. He claimed the OP was blatantly anti-Labour and then came out with a comment straight out Labour head office.
  15. Unfortunately the argument can be made but Cameron is incapable of making it, he has shown little appetite to take on the vested interests. Similar to Blair and Brown, he has just taken the politicaly easy route out by spending more and more borrowed money.
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