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  1. Amen brother, there are 10x more stars than all the grains of sand on every beach and desert in the world. It seems improbable that there is not intelligent life out there. I wonder if they worry as much as we do about the economy and house prices...that keeps the paper shuffling job in perspective.
  2. ...So after seeing the dollar comparison- I searched similar priced houses in the USA. Look what you can get for within 50 miles of New York City - In Chester New Jersey http://www.rightmove.co.uk/overseas-property/property-30921720.html
  3. I'm afraid there is no money. Kind regards and good luck!
  4. Go, experience somewhere different. New Zealand is very pleasant, but avoid the mega volcanic eruption that is due.
  5. I thought this was interesting '... It armed him against idolatry of the market, which he described as "the worm that had been gnawing at the insides of modern civilisation... the over-valuation of the economic criterion". To identify the goods that can be added up in an economic calculus with the good life was for Keynes - young and old - a fundamental error. The market was made for human beings - not human beings to serve the market.' When politicians justify decisions because it is what 'The Markets' demands- Keynes thought was total rubbish.
  6. this person sums up everything that is wrong with this country. he is just working to pay the bankers interest- what a fool.
  7. I agree with everything you said; does that make me a sheep?
  8. Portillio has been warning about the SHTF for a number of years. His advice a few years ago was for young people to become Public servents as everything else would go down the pan.
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